November 2016 Horoscopes


Foreign countries and foreign travel call to you this month. Very alluring and with good reason. It's not only good for the career, but helps the love life as well - especially with singles. With Venus, your love planet, "out of bounds," you tend to find love in exotic places - outside your normal social circle. A foreign trip fits the bill. Jupiter, in your 7th House since September, puts you in the "mood for love." You're ready for something serious (in some cases it could have already happened.) This, perhaps, is the most important thing. You gravitate to highly educated, refined and religious type people - you have the chart of someone who falls in love with the professor, pastor or minister. You like people you can learn from. But there are other scenarios for love as well. It can happen at your place of worship or some religious function. It can also happen at a college function. After the 12th, as Venus enters your 10th House of Career, you're allured to "power people" - to people who can help your career. Love opportunities come as you pursue your career goals or with people involved in your career. Venus' move into your 10th House shows the financial favor of bosses, parents or parent figures. Even the government seems favorably disposed to you. Pay raises - overt or covert - can happen too. Your good professional reputation is like money in the bank. The sun will have its solstice next month, but Venus will have hers from the 13th to the 16th. She "pauses" in the heavens (in her latitudinal motion) and then changes direction. So a brief pause in your love life and finances are in order. A change of direction is happening. Health is good this month. Detox regimes and weight loss regimes are powerful until the 12th. After that, health is enhanced through thigh message and liver cleaning.  


The next month ahead shows a very active love and sex life. Both your 7th House of Love and 8th House of Sex are strong. A lot of your socializing involves financing and family. But not all. Finances - always important for a Taurus - look good. Until the 12th, there are opportunities for partnerships or joint ventures. You have rich friends and they seem supportive. The spouse, partner or current love seems supportive as well. (You seem supportive of him or her too.) On the 12th, your Financial Planet moves into Sagittarius. It would show higher earnings - perhaps from foreign countries, perhaps through foreign people. The Financial Planet in the 8th House would show earning through efficient tax planning and the use of creative financing. A good period to pay down debt. Also good to borrow or refinance existing debt. The Financial planet in the 8th House shows a need to get rid of possessions that you no longer need or use. Sell them or give them to charity. They just clutter up your world and block the new and better that wants to come in. Mercury goes “out of bounds” from the 19th to the 30th, so you enter unknown financial territory. You seem ready to “think outside the box” – go outside your normal limits. This is not only the case financially but personally as well. Venus, the Lord of your chart, spends the whole month “out of bounds.” Health is basically good and will get even better after the 22nd. Friends seem troubled this month. Computer and high tech gadgetry seem temperamental too.


Your love life has been more or less restricted this past year. You haven’t been socializing as much as usual. But in the month ahead, this all changes – temporarily at least. 50% of the planets are either in or moving through your 7th House this month. This is a lot of energy. All kinds of people are coming into your social sphere. You’re in the mood for love these days and this makes all the difference. You’re more popular. You reach out to others. You’re there for your friends. You’re proactive in love. So, there are more parties, gatherings and romantic meetings for singles. I don’t think any of this will end up in marriage, but you can enjoy things for what they are. Saturn is still in your 7th House, counseling caution in romance. Still, it’s a nice change of pace. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be “out of bounds” from the 19th to the 30th. So you are spending time outside your normal circles – probably socially as well. You’re not exactly breaking barriers, just jumping over them for a while. Finance doesn’t seem a big issue this month. This I read as a good thing. It shows a status quo kind of month. You seem relatively satisfied with things as they are and have no need to make major changes. Health needs watching from the 22nd onwards. If you got through September, you’ll get through the month ahead. Enhance the healthy by getting enough rest and through back and knee massages. A colon cleanse (herbal) might be a good idea if you feel under the weather.


A happy month ahead. You’re still in the midst of one of your yearly personal pleasure periods. This goes on until the 22nd, so enjoy yourself. Enjoy the wealth that you have. In leisure, there is luck. Find your point of personal happiness and finances will fall into place. Like last month, this is a period for “happy money” - money that is earned in happy ways - perhaps as you are at the theater or at a party. Speculations are favorable until the 22nd. Children seem very involved in finances - sometimes in physical, tangible ways, sometimes as “inspirations”. The family as a whole seems richer this month. (And they prosper in the year ahead too.) On the 22nd, your Financial Planet, the Sun, moves into your 6th House. This is also good financially, but things happen in a different way - you earn through work and productivity. You spend more on health but can earn from it as well. Though you are yet to hit your love and social peak (this will happen next month), there is increased social activity now. Saturn, your Love Planet is moving forward again and will receive much positive stimulation. The workplace seems the center of the love life. Romantic opportunities for singles happen there or with people you work with. Health professionals (or people involved in your health) also seem alluring. There is some financial disturbance on the 30th - but short term. Changes need to be made. The New Moon of the 29th (an excellent financial day) will clarify these issues in coming weeks. Avoid foreign travel this month - if possible.


Mars moves into your 7th House of Love on the 9th. This can complicate the love life if you’re not careful. It can create power struggles in love which destroy the harmony. Feelings get hurt - things are said - and wounds often take time to heal. Better to avoid it in the first place. Your love life improves after the 22nd, but you still need to avoid the power struggles. Your 4th House is strong this month and you seem very focused here until the 22nd. This is a period where the “sponge of memory” is not in need of squeezing. Nature is bringing things up spontaneously and these are exactly the things you need to look at and resolve. Pay attention here, there is much psychological gold. Venus, your career planet, has her solstice from the 13th to the 16th. She pauses in the heavens and then changes direction. So a career pause and change of direction is happening for you too. This should be considered a positive. On the 22nd the Sun moves into your 5th House - Leo paradise - and you enter one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. A happy period. We don’t need to give Leo instructions about enjoying life. They know how to do it. Health is OK all month but will improve even further after the 22nd. There are a few financial disturbances on the 18th and 19th but short term. Changes need to be made and you will make them. Finances look basically good - especially after the 12th. The spouse, partner or current love is having financial challenges this month. There is much uncertainty here.


Your love life is slowly starting to improve this month, but still not where it should be. A lot of this is not your fault. Like last month, your Love Planet, Neptune, is camped out on an eclipse point, showing personal dramas in the life of the beloved. For you, it shows changes in your love attitudes. A current relationship needs a lot of work to survive. The good news is that Neptune will finally move forward after many months of retrograde motion. This happens on the 20th. Clarity in love starts to happen. With this, the appropriate decisions can be made. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is still in your money house and you’re in a prosperous year. Family support is still very strong and it works both ways - they support you and you support them. Your 4th House becomes very powerful after the 22nd. Aside from the focus on the home and family it brings opportunities for “emotional wellness”. You will see “nature’s therapeutics” at work. It won’t be necessary to “force” memories up from the unconscious. These will arise naturally and spontaneously. Nature will bring up exactly what you need to look at and resolve. Health needs more watching after the 22nd. Make sure to get enough rest. It won’t be as severe as you experienced in September, and if you handled that, you will handle the month ahead. As always, the important thing is to get enough rest. Low energy not only leaves you vulnerable to opportunistic invasions, but actually weakens the faculties. The senses are less sharp than usual and this can lead to other adventures.


Your Love Planet, Mars, is now “in bounds” after a few months of being “outside” his normal sphere. So you are back in your normal social circle. Love seems more comfortable and happy this month. On the 9th Mars moves into Aquarius, your 5th House. There he receives beautiful aspects from Jupiter, which would show social expansion and happy love opportunities. Marriage is unlikely these days, but there is plenty of romance. Prosperity, like last month, is still strong. Jupiter in your sign brings optimism and a higher standard of living. The money house is still very powerful until the 22nd, so you’re still in a period of peak earnings. On the 24th-25th Venus travels with your Financial Planet, bringing a nice payday and happy financial opportunity. The job situation seems unstable this month. This was true last month as well. Neptune is camping out on an eclipse point. Perhaps health issues are worrying you, but health looks good this month. (Most likely you’re making changes to the health regime and still haven’t found what you want.) If you employ others, there is instability here and possible employee turnover. Venus, the Lord of your chart, has her solstice from the 13th to the 16th. She pauses in the heavens and then changes direction (in her latitudinal motion). A personal pause and change of direction is happening for you too - and it is natural and good. Avoid travel (if possible) on the 18th and 19th. Friends should take a more reduced schedule on the 30th. The marriages of children or children figures in your life get tested on the 30th.


A happy and prosperous month Scorpio, enjoy. You’re still in the midst of one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. A time to enjoy all the pleasures of the 5 senses. A good time to get the body in right shape. Weight loss regimes go well for those of you who need it. The Sun in your sign gives star quality and energy. You look and feel successful - and others see you that way. Happy career opportunities come to you - and you don’t need to make much effort. They come to you. You just go about your business. When the 1st House is strong, as it is this month, it is a time for having things your way - on your terms. You can shape conditions as you desire them to be and need not worry about what others think. On the 22nd, the Sun will enter your money house and you begin a yearly financial peak (one of them). This is going to ease a lot of the financial pressure you’ve been feeling this past year. Your money house is chock full of planets - most of them beneficial. The Sun in this House brings the financial favor of bosses, elders, authorities in your life (even the government), parents or parent figures. Pay raises can happen at work (overt or covert). Mercury in the money house from the 12th onwards brings ease in accessing outside capital - either through borrowing, refinancing, or outside investors. Also good to pay down debt that period. Venus in the money house until the 12th shows wealthy and supportive friends. Love is happy this month. Until the 12th, it happens as you pursue your financial goals, and perhaps with people involved in your finances. After the 12th, it happens in the neighborhood or at educational type functions.


The zodiac shows us the “natural order” - the natural sequence - of things. After spiritual growth and breakthroughs, there is personal pleasure and a sense of self worth and confidence. This is the order we see this month. The 1st part of the month is spiritual - perhaps you’re spending more time in solitude, more time on your spiritual practice, more time in altruistic kinds of activities. It is a time for inner, not outer, guidance. Once this happens, the personal pleasure, the joy, the love, follow naturally as the planetary power moves into your 1st House. Most of you have been more “spartan” this year. Perhaps you’ve been denying yourself the usual sensual delights. But this month you let go. Dieting can come later. Now is the time for travel, good food and wine. The planetary power moves towards you this month, not away from you. Thus you have cosmic support for your personal desires and goals - so long as they aren’t destructive. If conditions irk you, make the changes now. Mercury, your Love Planet, will move into your 1st House on the 12th. Thus, love and social opportunity are coming to you. No need to do anything special. It will just come. Just go about your business. College level students are successful in their studies. Finances are super good. Enjoy. Only be more patient with family members - they seem stressed out. Venus will have her solstice from the 13th to the 16th. She pauses and then changes direction. A work pause might be a good idea too.


 A happy month ahead, Capricorn. Enjoy. Venus moves into your 1st House on the 12th, bringing grace and glamour to the image. In a man’s chart, she brings the company of young women. She is also bringing happy career opportunity. This is a time where you dress for success and project this kind of image. This is how others see you. Mars moves into your money house on the 9th showing good family support. It shows a more risk-taking approach to finance. Sometimes this is necessary. Generally you are patient in finances. You like the step-by-step methodical approach to wealth. But with Mars in this position, you seem more in a hurry. You’re more allured to the “quick dollar”. There’s a tendency with Mars to make quick financial decisions. But with Uranus still retrograde this month, this wouldn’t be wise. Take your time to do the appropriate homework. Career is still very successful. Jupiter is working his magic in your 10th House. And, as we mentioned, you look and feel successful. Venus will have her solstice from the 13th to the 16th. She pauses in the heavens and changes direction. So a brief career pause is in order (and will probably happen anyway) and then a change of direction. This is all to the good. Health is good this month. You can enhance it further through sexual moderation and detox regimes until the 12th. After the 12th, you respond well to spiritual healing modalities. Good to massage the thighs as well.


80% to 90% of the planets are moving forward this month and your 10th House of career is still very powerful. Career success is happening quickly. Life flows more quickly in general. Your Love Planet spends most of the month in your 10th House of career. This has many different meanings. Your social skills - your likability - your ability to get along with others - is a major factor in career success. Likability can be more important than professional skills these days. It is a month where you achieve career success by social means - through attending (or hosting) the right kind of parties or gatherings. Who you know is probably more important right now than what you can do. Much of your socializing this month is career related. You mix with the high and mighty - with people above you in status or prestige. Indeed, status is a romantic turn-on for singles until the 22nd. Romantic opportunities come as you pursue your career or with people involved in your career. On the 22nd, as your Love Planet changes Houses, the needs in love change. Power is less attractive. Now you want friendship in love - someone who can be a friend and lover. Romantic opportunities happen online - on social media - or as you get involved with groups or group activities. Health is good this month and will improve even further after the 22nd. There is still much financial turmoil. You’re still feeling the effects of the Lunar Eclipse of September 16.


The Lunar Eclipse of September 16 is still very much with you. Neptune, the Lord of your Horoscope, is still camped out on this point. So much personal change is happening. Your image and personality is being redefined. If you haven’t been careful in dietary matters, there can be detoxes of the body. There is much personal indecision. There is some improvement after the 20th, as Neptune starts moving forward after many months of retrograde motion. There is more personal clarity. Your Financial Planet moves into your 12th House on the 9th. You always have a strong financial intuition, but now it operates overtime. You already understand much about the spiritual laws of supply, but this month you go deeper - and there’s a need for more application here. This is a month for miracle money rather than natural money. The spouse, partner or current love is very prosperous this month (and in the year ahead). He or she seems more generous with you. Love is more challenging after the 12th. You seem in disagreement with the beloved. He or she seems very successful and is perhaps “lording it over you”. On the other hand, he or she is also helping the career. Be more patient with the beloved on the 18th and 19th. There are personal dramas happening there (and with family members too.) Career success is happening. On the 22nd, the Sun crosses your Midheaven and enters your 10th House. You enter a yearly career peak. There is much work and effort involved, but success happens.

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