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July 2016 Horoscopes


The planetary power is now mostly in the Western, social sector of your Horoscope. This means that the cosmic power is moving away from you and towards others. Your focus should likewise be on others. Put others first (so long as it isn’t destructive) and your own good will come to you in natural and normal ways. There is a lot of water in the Horoscope this month - especially until the 22nd. People are more sensitive, more easily hurt. Be more aware of their sensitivities now. It will save heartache down the road. Your 4th House of home and family is powerful until the 22nd. So the focus is on the family. A very good period to make psychological progress and those of you involved in therapy (either as patient or practitioner) should have many breakthroughs now. The career is in a lull right now, the career planet, is retrograde and your 4th House is where the power is. In spite of this there is career success - and happy developments - from the 22nd onwards. Health needs watching until the 22nd. As always the most important thing is to make sure you get enough rest. Right diet and emotional harmony is important until the 14th. Afterwards give more attention to the heart. When the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd health and vitality are back at normal levels (perhaps even above normal levels). It is a fun period. You enter one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. With many planets retrograde this month (30% until the 29th and 40% after) not much is going on in the world - you may as well enjoy yourself.



Happy career developments come after the 22nd, but your focus should be on the home and family then. Your career planet will go retrograde at the end of the month - on the 29th - so career developments need more thought. Finances are a bit of a bumpy ride, but nothing you can’t handle. One of the complications is that you’re outside your normal financial sphere until the 9th. You’re in unknown territory. Mercury, your Financial Planet, gets stressed on the 1st, 2nd , 7th, 10th and 11th and course corrections could be in order. Until the 14th the financial intuition is excellent, but you need to be in a calm and peaceful state in order to receive it. After the 14th family and family connections are playing a big role. You’re probably spending more on the family but can earn through them as well. The dream life is hyperactive on the 1st and 2nd. Pay attention as there is revelation for you. Family members seem temperamental on the 15th and 16th - be more patient with them. Love is complicated this month. Your love planet is still retrograde and Mars is in your 7th House. If you can avoid power struggles with the beloved, things can work out. The love life should improve after the 22nd. Spiritual type people are coming into the picture this month. Perhaps these are people you meet in spiritual type settings. Health needs more watching after the 22nd. Enhance the health through getting enough rest and by paying more attention to the heart.



With the Lord of your Horoscope “out of bounds” until the 9th you’re wandering in strange and unknown territory - outside your normal haunts. Family members are also like this. Drive more carefully on the 1st, 2nd, 7th, 10th and 11th. Avoid stressful situations those periods. The month ahead is prosperous. You’re in a yearly financial peak until the 22nd. You seem to enjoy the act of money making and all the details of finance. The New Moon of the 4th will occur in your money house. Aside from being an excellent financial day (even the day after too) this New Moon will also bring clarity to your financial affairs as the month progresses. All the information you need to make right decisions will come to you. Gemini is known for its quick and agile mental faculties and on the 22nd as the Sun enters your 3rd House (two other benefic planets are there too) the mental faculties are boosted even more. You learn quickly. You communicate better than usual. You express yourself beautifully. A great period for writers, journalists, teachers and marketing people. Students in summer school should do very well too. A good period (from the 22nd onwards) to catch up on your reading, letters, e-mails and calls you need to make. Health is good this month. Mars in your 6th House suggests that vigorous physical exercise is important. You need good muscle tone. With your Health Planet retrograde not advisable to make drastic changes to the health regime these days. Study things more. Love is still being tested by Saturn. But you should see improvements after the 22nd. Not perfection, but improvement.



A happy and prosperous month ahead Cancer. Enjoy. Health and energy are terrific. A grand trine in the water signs not only energizes you but puts you in an “era of good feeling”. Things are going your way. You have your way in life so be sure to make right choices. Having your way can be a disaster without wisdom. You look fabulous. Venus in your sign until the 12th gives beauty and grace. You dress beautifully and your style is exquisite. The Sun in your sign gives star quality and financial windfalls. Financial opportunities are coming to you. You feel and look richer than usual. On the 22nd, the Sun will enter your money house and you begin one of your yearly financial peaks. The financial intuition is super from the 14th onwards. Elders, bosses, parents, parent figures and friends seem very supportive financially. Your Financial Planet will be involved in a rare grand Trine in the fire signs - so earnings should happen quickly and zoom. The love life also improves after the 22nd. (Its OK before then, but better after the 22nd.) Your love planet, however, is still retrograde so take things slow. Singles have plenty of love opportunities but they need more study. There is romance happening, but a wedding doesn’t seem advisable. Health is good. You can enhance it further with back, knee and thigh massage. Until the 22nd its great to focus on your body and image - to get it the way you want it to be. Good to buy clothing and accessories then. After the 22nd focus on your finances.



It is normal to desire more solitude when your 12th House is strong. There’s nothing wrong with you. There is a need to feel your own aura, to think your own thoughts and to get in touch with your Highest Self. This is the case for the early part of the month. It is a time for internal growth. For review. For preparation for the good that is about to happen. In your solitude financial and career guidance will come to you - good guidance. Get right spiritually and money and career will sort of take care of themselves. On the 12th Venus will cross your Ascendant and enter your 1st House. She brings not only beauty and grace but happy career opportunities as well. On the 14th Mercury, your Financial Planet, crosses the Ascendant and enters your 1st House. He not only brings enhanced intellectual ability, but also financial windfalls and opportunity. The Sun, the Lord of your Horoscope, enters your 1st House on the 22nd. This enhances your already strong natural star power. He brings energy and life force. Your appearance shines and the opposite sex is taking notice. They are checking you out wherever you go. The love life is greatly improved after the 22nd. Relations with the current love are more harmonious than they have been. Singles have wonderful romantic opportunities. This is a time where you have your way in life. The planetary power supports you. If conditions irk you this is the time to make the necessary changes. Health is fabulous now.



Jupiter is moving forward in your own sign. You’re leading the good life and enjoying all the pleasures of the senses. You’re living at a higher standard these days. The love life has been good as well. Singles have met interesting opportunities last month and you seem in harmony socially. Health is much improved over last month. The Lord of your Horoscope, Mercury, gets some stressful aspects on the 1st, 2nd, 7th, 10th and 11th. Be more cautious those days, avoid tense or stressful situations. With Mercury “out of bounds” from the 1st to the 9th your traveling in unfamiliar territory - outside your normal sphere. This is sometimes stressful. If you are one of those rare Virgos who are unemployed (a torture for them) job prospects are excellent from the 14th onwards - the 26th to the 31st seems especially good. Finances should be good this month too - especially from the 14th onwards. Your Financial Planet is part of a very fortunate (and rare) Grand Trine in Fire. You earn big and probably spend big as well. Your 12th House of spirituality becomes very powerful from the 22nd onwards. This will enhance the financial intuition and take you deeper into the spiritual dimensions of wealth and finance. The universe holds nothing back. It pours forth its abundance 24/7. The only limitations are within ourselves. Spiritual breakthroughs are happening for those of you on the path. And, when these happen it is a most joyous experience. Everything changes. We look at life and our circumstances in a whole new way.



Success is sweet but demanding. Make sure to take some time to smell the roses. You’re on top this month. You’re reaching your highest aspirations of your year. If the aspirations are ultra high, you will see good progress towards them. Health and energy will improve after the 22nd, in the meantime enhance the health with foot massage and with spiritual type techniques. You respond well to spiritual healing. The New Moon of the 4th occurs in your 10th House of career. This is an especially good career day (and the day after too). More importantly it will clarify career issues as the month progresses. Whatever you need to make a good decision will come to you. Clarity is more important than gold. Finances are a bit stressed until the 22nd, but nothing serious. This is a short term issue. You just have to work harder forearnings than usual. Career success generally leads to more income, but in your case, not immediately. Also keep in mind that your Financial Planet is still retrograde, so there are glitches and delays. Avoid major purchases of investments now. Work for financial clarity. This is a time to create a financial strategy going forward. Later, when Pluto moves forward, you can put it into practice. Love is happy until the 12th but afterwards will require more effort. The beloved seems financially supportive, but you have other disagreements. Until the 12th you’re in a romantic period. After that the social life is still active, but its more about friendships and group activities.



Like last month Mars is still in your sign. But he’s moving forward now. This is wonderful for exercise and fitness regimes. Men have higher T these days. Women are attracting young men. The only issue here is too much of a good thing. Watch the temper. Avoid confrontations. Don’t be in such a rush. Health is excellent until the 22nd. You’re in an “era of good feeling” as there is a Grand Trine in the water element - your native element. This is a fun kind of period. Happy go lucky. Many of you will be traveling to foreign lands. Those of you who are religious will have religious type breakthroughs. The New Moon of
the 4th brings clarity to college students or to those applying to college. Many of your questions will be answered as the month progresses. Love is happy this month too - especially until the 12th. If you can bridge your differences with the beloved - see things from his or her perspective - your relationship will get stronger than ever. For singles the problem seems to be indecision. The love opportunities are there, but you’re not sure. On the 22nd you enter a yearly career peak. Push forward boldly to your goals. You have good family support for them too. After the 12th love awaits you as you pursue your career goals - perhaps with people involved in your career. After the 12th you’re allured to power and prestige. Health needs more watching after the 22nd. Make sure to get enough rest.



There are many things in life that are in need of “resurrection” - perhaps it is a business, a marriage or some heart felt project. This is a good month to get involved in this. The 8th House rules death, but death precedes resurrection. It’s the natural next step. The rebirth - re-flowering - often takes a different form and shape - a better one. This is a good month for weight loss programs and detox regimes too. Good to go through your belongings and put them to the “use” test. Is this something I use or need? If not get rid of it - sell it or give it to charity. There is something magical about this process. As you get rid of the effete and useless in your life, room is made for the new and better to come in. You’re in a strong business cycle these days. This is a good month to attract outside investors to your projects, for paying down debt or borrowing or refinancing old debt. Once these things are done you can enjoy the happy things coming from the 22nd onwards. A very “up” kind of period. Many of you will be traveling - perhaps business is involved, but there will be pleasure too. Students at the college level should hear good news about their education. Health and energy are much improved too. The 9th House, which becomes powerful after the 22nd, is considered the most fortunate of Houses by the Hindu Astrologers. All your horizons get expanded. The love life becomes very good after the 14th.



The love opportunities are happening, but you don’t seem decisive about it. Its OK. Enjoy the social whirl for what it is. A lot of your socializing seems career related. You’re mixing with high people this month - especially until the 12th. Your like-ability and good social connections are helping the career. You seem to be mixing with money people too - perhaps potential investors in your projects. The spouse, partner or current love enters a yearly financial peak on the 22nd. He or she seems more generous. But your own personal finances are good in their own right - especially after the 22nd. Use spare cash to pay down debt. Creative financing will boost the bottom line. Often old debt can be refinanced at more favorable terms. This is a good period to explore these issues. If you need to make important purchases, investments or financial decisions, do it before the 29th. After that your Financial Planet will be retrograde (and for many months). Health needs more watching until the 22nd. Enhance the health through right eating and emotional harmony until the 14th. After the 14th pay more attention to the heart. Libido roars after the 22nd, but pursue moderation in these things. Health and energy improve greatly after the 22nd. The main health danger then is hyper-activity - burn out - pushing the body beyond its limits. With most of the planets in the Western sector of your chart this is a month for putting other people first. Take a vacation from yourself and focus on others.



There’s a lot of water in the Horoscope until the 22nd. Don’t be shocked when people react to your voice tones or body language or imagine slights that you never intended. Emotional sensitivities are greatly magnified. If you take more care about this, you can save much heartache down the road. Your Financial Planet is retrograde all month, but prosperity is happening nevertheless. Neptune receives very nice aspects. The financial intuition is super - but needs verification because of the retrograde. Finances are less juiced up after the 22nd but still very much OK. You seem busy careerwise. Mars in your 10th House shows a hectic pace and perhaps the need to fend off competition. The main headline though is the love life. This becomes active - and happy - after the 22nd. As the Sun enters your House of love on the 22nd (joining two other benefic planets there) you enter a yearly love and social peak. Those of you already in a relationship have more harmony within your relationship. Singles have many romantic opportunities. Singles have choices this month - there are serious opportunities and non-serious ones. You can choose your preference. Love finds you in the usual places this month - at parties, gatherings, places of entertainment, and family events. Health needs more watching after the 22nd. The most important thing is to eat right, maintain your emotional harmony and rest when tired. After the 22nd there is much fire in the Horoscope. The tendency will be to hyper-activity - to pushing the body beyond its limits. If you don’t schedule rest periods, burn out, is the main danger.



A happy and productive month ahead. You are very comfortable with the Grand Trine in the water element this month (until the 22nd). Water is your native element. No one has to tell you to be sensitive to others. But your own legendary sensitivities are greater than usual this month. You are in one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks until the 22nd. So enjoy your life. In leisure there is luck. Often the solution to a problem is to let go of it and do something fun. When you get back the solution appears. Happiness of itself is a magical thing. It will improve both your health and finances. Work is important - especially after the 22nd - but try to make your work fun. With a little creativity it can be done. Finances are
super until the 22nd . Your Financial Planet, Mars, receives wonderful aspects. Also he is moving forward. Financial progress is swift. Financial judgment is good. Earnings can come from foreign lands, foreign investments or foreigners. People in your place of worship are also providing financial opportunity. The love life is happy this month - especially until the 14th. Singles find opportunities in the usual places -parties, resorts, places of entertainment. The work place can be a venue for romance after the 14th. Job seekers have good fortune this month too. There’s a lot of fire in the Horoscope after the 22nd. Sometimes this produces unrealistic optimism which can lead to overspending. Optimism is good but keep grounded in reality.

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