Meet Matt Hodges, Arizona yoga teacher and Spiritual Gangster model. When Matt isn't traveling the world, picking out tattoos, and playing poker, he's teaching yoga at some of AZ's most popular studios, like Sumits Yoga Biltmore and Sumits Yoga Scottsdale. Get a behind the scenes look into the life and times of one of our favorite OG yogis. 



Hometown: Phoenix az
Astrological sign: Leo Virgo cusp
Favorite musician:  Tupac
I start everyday with: a protein shake
Can't live without: food, water, yoga
Coolest vacation: Trekking the Inca trail in Peru & seeing Machu Pichu
Favorite mantra: Everyday is a gift & a perfect day.
When I'm not teaching I'm: playing poker, day trading, practicing yoga, working out & whatever else sounds fun.
Favorite tattoo: My sleeve is my favorite tattoo. It means alot to me. It's really colorful & symbolizes good luck, wealth, focus & peace. It's amazing work.
Favorite & most inspiring teachers: Dharma Mittra, Steve Ross & Vanessa Lee.
My favorite SG gear: It would have to be my shirt that says "Trust me I'm a yoga teacher"



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September 13, 2015


Came in to studio today with Mallory. Haven’t been for awhile after injuries and your class was appropriate for the most advanced and a beginner…Great music…..Do you have your playlist? Thanks Cinder

Alex Lamm
Alex Lamm

July 21, 2015

Hey Matt,
Been out of town for a bit. Email me your phone number please. I have a question. or text 310-200-4420

Thanks, Alex Lamm ( Lynn’s friend from MAHA)


March 14, 2014

On a flight w marnie. Wtf. Wanna talk opening a studio together? I need a new hobby. Call text this weekend. 602 697 3704. Namaste Jz

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