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July is here! And that means it’s time for another awesome challenge brought to you by the #InstaOMcrew and @spiritualgangster! The YogaGangster instagram challenge starts today, July 1st, and ends July 31st, so get those cameras and yoga poses going! 


Follow these easy steps to participate in the challenge and be eligible for prizes and features on our pages!

1. Follow @masumi_g, @laurasykora, @gypsetgoddess, @thetattooedyogi, and @spiritualgangster.


*Each day @laurasykora, @masumi_g, @thetattooedyogi and @gypsetgoddess will alternate posting the pose of the day. Once the pose is posted, participants practice the pose (according to their ability, no pressure to be perfect or force things) and post the photo with the tag #YOGAngsters. 
Each week #YOGAngsters will each choose a feature winner for each pose that will be  featured on their pages. 


2. Repost this photo to your Instagram page and encourage your friends to join in on the fun!


3. Head over to and check out their awesome gear, because you will have a chance to win some this month!


4. Snap a photo of yourself practicing each day's pose, and then post it to your Instagram feed. 

5. Be sure to make your account public and to tag your photos with #Yogangsters so that we can see all of your inspiring poses and photos. 


6. Be creative and take interesting photos. Show us your artsy sides. Feature winners will be chosen based on photo quality (creativity, scenery, etc.)


7. Participate fully, posting for each of the 31 days of the challenge. Prizes winners will be chosen based on dedication, so even if you miss a day, hold yourself accountable and play some catch-up.


8. HAVE FUN and remember that it's not about being THE best, it's about being YOUR best. Let go of concern for looking good, and step into feeling great.














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  • Jes: July 06, 2013

    Hi I’m interested in the YOGAangsters Instagram challenge….where do I find a list/pic/etc of the poses for each day, to participate?

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