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March Horoscopes

The underlining theme of March is embracing the power of the spirit. Get up early, be immersed in nature, ground down, sit still in meditation....do the things that set your soul on fire. When you are in tune with your spirit, everything else, may it be love, career, finances, will all fall into place.

This is an intensely spiritual month Aries. Don’t be dismayed by all the drama and change that is happening. Its all for your highest good and spiritual growth. Your spiritual understanding is your shield that will help you cope. This month your spirituality is not just “pie in the sky” - but intensely practical. Get right in spirit and love and money will straighten out of their own accord. Your financial and love intuition is very strong from the 12th onwards. Wealth is an internal activity that must happen through you before it happens to you. This is one of the major lessons this month. The same is true of love. Sitting in meditation - quiet and still - will bring the ideas and opportunities you need. (The 20th and 21st is exceptionally strong.) Spirit is guiding both your love life and finances. Watch your dreams. A Solar Eclipse on the 9th is bringing career changes and perhaps dramas with parent figures and bosses. You have the travel bug this month, but avoid foreign travel during the eclipse period. The Lunar Eclipse of the 23rd impacts on family members - be more patient with them. Passions are running high in the family. Perhaps there are dramas in their lives. The Sun enters your sign on the 20th and you begin one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. A happy go lucky, fun kind of period. Health is good and job opportunities are plentiful.



Two eclipses this month create much worldly tumult, but you seem relatively untouched. It won’t hurt to take a more reduced schedule anyway - on the 9th and 23rd. Venus has been in your House of career since last month and will be there until the 12th. Thus there is career success happening. You’re earning it to be sure, but its happening. You’re on top of the world these days. People look up to you. Many aspire to be like you. By the 12th the career urges seem mostly satisfied and your focus is on friendships, groups and group activities. Spiritual type groups seem best. The love life is good as Jupiter is making beautiful aspects to your Love Planet all month. The love that is happening now seems more like entertainment than anything serious - but serious things could develop from this. The Solar Eclipse of the 9th impacts on the family, bringing dramas into their lives. Perhaps a few shakeups. The Lunar Eclipse of the 23rd will test cars and communication equipment. Since it impacts on Mercury it will bring important financial changes. You’re in a prosperous year (ever since August of 2015) so the changes are likely to be good or lead to good. There is a need for a course correction this month. The financial strategy and thinking need to change. Health is good, but the Lunar Eclipse will bring changes to the diet and health regime. You have excellent financial intuition from the 5th onwards. Financial guidance can come through dreams or spiritual type people.



You’re in one of the most successful periods of your year. Yes, the pace is frenetic. Yes, there are many shocks and surprises. But you’re at the top of your game and succeeding. Your 10th House of career is ultra powerful all month - but especially until the 20th. Home and family are important, but keep most of your focus on your career and outer ambitions. You have a lot of cosmic support. On the 5th Mercury, the Lord of your Horoscope, moves into your 10th House of career. This shows that you’re on top, in charge, in control. Even the family seems supportive of career goals. The family as a whole also seems successful. Career is enhanced by being involved in charities or altruistic causes. It burnishes your resume. Two eclipses this month bring changes. The Solar Eclipse of the 8th shows career changes - which should be good. Shakes up in your company or industry will actually open doors for you. Be more patient with the beloved this period as he or she has personal dramas which could test your relationship. Mars moving into your 7th House on the 6th can also test your relationship. The beloved seems more impatient - irritable - in a hurry. There are dramas with parents or parent figures in your life too. The Lunar Eclipse of the 23rd forces important financial changes. The spouse or current love is also making important financial changes (be cause of the impact of the previous eclipse). Try to rest and relax more (where possible) until the 20th.



Your 9th House is ultra powerful all month - but especially until the 20th. This excellent for college or post graduate students. It shows focus on your studies and focus teds to bring success. The travel bug is strong this month too - only be careful to avoid the two eclipses this month. Try not to be o the road those periods. Those of you interested in religion and philosophy will have important breakthroughs here. The philosophical intuition is very strong. The Solar Eclipse of the 9th occurs in your 9th House (and impacts on Jupiter) so avoid long journeys a few days before and after. Students make important changes in educational plans. The Sun is your Financial Planet, so (as with every Solar Eclipse) it is a time for making financial “course corrections”. You get this twice a year and its basically a heathy thing - healthy but not always pleasant. This eclipse will test your marriage or current relationship as it impacts on your love planet. So, be more patient with the beloved. Good relationships will get even better once the dirty laundry is dealt with. Flawed relationships often explode. Important changes - dramatic ones - are happening in your health regime. If you employ others, there is instabily and perhaps employee turnover. The Lunar Eclipse of the 23rd is stronger on you. You need to rest and relax more from he 20th onwards anyway - but especially during the eclipse period. Often there is a detox of the body - especially if you haven’t been careful in dietary matters. It is a time to re-define yourself - your image and self concept and present a new look to the world.



With your 8th House ultra powerful all month, this is a sexually active kind of period. Regardless of your age or stage in life, libido will be stronger than usual. The spouse, partner or current love is prospering greatly (and will probably make important financial changes because of this). A great period for those of you involved in personal transformation and reinvention. Much progress will be made. Every Solar Eclipse is strong on you - stronger than on most people. The Sun is the Lord of the Horoscope. So take it easy on the 9th (and even a few days before). A god time to stake stock of yourself - of how you think of yourself and how you wat to be seen by others. Over the next 6 months you’ll be changing the wardrobe and your look. This eclipse affects your Health Planet, so it can bring health scares. But overall health is good (especially after the 20th) and most likely it will only be scare and nothing more. However it will force needed changes to your health regime. Children and children figures are affected here, so do your bet to keep them out of harm’s way this period. The Lunar Eclipse of the 23rd affects finances and the spiritual life. Course corrections are necessary here. You’re in a very prosperous year, so the changes you make will be good. The financial intuition is exceptionally good on the 11th. A parent or parent figure prospers from the 12th to the 20th. Healthwise give more attention to the spine, knees, teeth and bones.



A busy, hectic kind of month. Try to find some time for R&R - it won’t be easy though. Health is definitely an issue this month - especially until the 20th. You’re going to be busy, but work rhythmically and focus on the really important things. Do your best to maintain high energy levels. Love is the main headline of the month. The social life is hyper active and basically happy. You’re very popular these days. Others sense that you put them first. The 11th seems an especially strong romantic day. Singles should look for love in spiritual settings - the yoga or meditation class, the spiritual seminar or lecture, the charity event - things of this nature. The Solar Eclipse of the 9th shows changes in the love life - for the better. Singles can decide to marry, those in unsatisfying relationships can split. You’re meeting many new people these days and the eclipse will separate the wheat from the chaff. Every Solar Eclipse brings spiritual changes - changes of orientation, teachings, teachers - changes of attitude as well. This eclipse is no different. There can be dramas in the home, with family members and children (or children figures), so be more patient with them now. Keep children out of harm’s way this period. Let them spend more quiet time at home. The Lunar Eclipse of the 23rd brings financial changes. They might not be pleasant while they’re happening (usually there’s some disruption) but ultimately they will be good. Your long term prosperity is not affected here.



When things in your world start shaking and quaking, you know that your prayers are being answered. In order for the Higher to manifest your dreams, change has to happen and sometimes this is scary. Your spiritual understanding will not only bring you through, but make you thrive. A Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd occurs in your own sign, so it is strong on you. All of you will feel it, but those of you born early in the sign (September to September 27) are going to feel it strongest. It brings career change for one thing. But also a need to redefine yourself and your personal appearance. You need to present a new look to the world - project a different image. This will happen over the next 6 months. Job changes are also afoot - a Solar Eclipse on the 9th occurs in your 6th House of work. But these changes look good (though disruptive) - you have plenty of happy job opportunities. Watch your driving this month, but especially around the 9th. Drive more defensively. These eclipses are also bringing dramas with friends and family. Be more patient with them. If there are flaws in your home, you find out about them now. In a way its good (though not pleasant). You have a chance to correct them. In spite of all the drama, this is a prosperous month. Earnings are high and there are happy financial opportunities. After the 20th you enter a yearly love and social peak. Libra heaven! The love life has been unstable for many years. Marriage is not advisable. But you don’t need to marry to have social and romantic fun.



A happy go lucky kind of month. Even two eclipses won’t dampen the fun. You’ll find a way to enjoy them. Mars leaves your sign on the 6th, which will further mellow you out. You’re taking on extra financial burdens these days - and this has been the case for over a year - but you have the wherewithal to handle them. You might not feel it, but you’re prospering. Jupiter has been making beautiful aspects to the Lord of your Horoscope all year. Mars in your money house from the 6th onwards further energizes your finances - but slow down your decision making. Think things through. This is not the chart of a lottery winner, but someone who earns their wealth. The Solar Eclipse of the 9th shows career and financial changes - most likely for the better - but the changes can be dramatic while they happen. Parents, bosses, parent figures - in your industry - can be shaken up a bit. But you have the right attitude. Siblings also have some life changing kinds of dramas. The Lunar Eclipse of the 23rd occurs in your spiritual 12th House. Thus there are important spiritual changes happening - changes in teachings or teachers - changes in attitude. A course correction in your religious and spiritual life is happening. These things are healthy, but not always pleasant. Students at the college level make important educational changes. Health is good all month. After the 20th you seem very focused on it - more careful about diet and healthy life styles. Job seekers have good fortune from the 20th onwards.



Saturn has been in your sign for over a year now. On the 6th Mars joins the party. A part of you wants to step on the gas, while another part of you wants to step on the brakes. Make haste slowly. Saturn in your sign can make you too serious - perhaps you don’t feel it - it sort of creeps on you. But Mars, the Lord of your 5th House of Fun, should lighten things up a bit. Two eclipses this month are strong on you - especially the Solar Eclipse of the 9th - so be sure to avoid stressful activities that period. You should be resting and relaxing more anyway this month, but especially around the 9th. Mars likes risk taking and adventure, but avoid this around the 9th (even a few days before and after). Not an especially great time for traveling either. If you must travel, schedule around the eclipse period. You’re in a very successful year right now but this month there is more work involved. Might be better to handle family issues rather than the career. The Lunar Eclipse of the 23rd is less stressful than the Solar Eclipse but still wise to take a more relaxed schedule. It can bring encounters with the grim reaper - not actual death - only encounters with it. Close calls. Often people dream of death with this kind of eclipse. The Cosmos wants you to understand it better. This eclipse will test your current marriage or love relationship. Goods ones will easily survive.



You’ve been in a strong spiritual period for over a year now - a healthy thing for a Capricorn. Your tendency is to get too caught up in the material realm. Its good every now and then to take a vacation from it - even for brief periods during the day. This month the Solar Eclipse of the 9th will bring changes to the spiritual life - most likely because of interior revelations. If you’re involved with charitable or spiritual type organizations, shakeups are happening there too. This eclipse will also bring personal changes - a need to redefine yourself and the image you present to others. Saturn, the Lord of your Horoscope, is impacted by this eclipse. Take a more relaxed schedule that period. This is very much a travel kind of year for you, but not so advisable this month. If you must travel, schedule around the eclipses of the 9th and the 23rd. Be more defensive in your driving as well. The Solar Eclipse of the 9th impacts on the Lord of your 8th House so dreams of death can happen, or you can have encounters with it. These are love letters from the cosmos urging you to get on with serious things of life - your purpose for being here. The Lunar Eclipse of the 23rd is also strong on you. This impacts on the career and the love life. Shakeups happen. The rules of the game change. You have to change your career strategy. Be more patient with the beloved that period too.



Eclipses serve a cosmic function. The cosmos will allow a person to veer 5 or 10 degrees from his or her orbit - but not 90 or 180 degrees. Should someone try this, an eclipse will come and bring them back into line. (Other planetary transits will also do this.) So, if you’re on your path you have little to fear from an eclipse. This month we have two of them. The Solar Eclipse of the 9th affects the love life, business partnerships, your current love relationship. Dirty laundry comes up for cleaning. Long repressed grievance come up that need to be dealt with. Friendships will also be tested and there are likely to be dramas - life changing dramas - in the lives of friends. The Lunar Eclipse of the 23rd shows job changes. This can be within your present company or with a new one. Those employ others have instability in the work force and perhaps turnover. Often, its not your fault. They employee can be having personal dramas that cause this. It will also bring changes in the health regime - important ones. Sometimes this kind of eclipse brings a health scare. But your overall health is very good and it is not likely to be more than that. Students - either college level or below - are making important educational changes this month. Sometimes they change schools, sometimes they change majors, sometimes there is some upheaval at school. This is a very prosperous month - one of the best in your year. Last month - especially towards the end - was also good.



Basically a happy month ahead. Even two strong eclipses will not dampen it. It just makes things more interesting. You’re in the midst of one of your yearly personal pleasure periods. Good to pamper yourself and get the body and image the way you want it to be. You’re getting your way this month and this could be the cause of the many changes going on. Not getting one’s way is a problem, but getting one’s way - especially if its coming from the lower self - can be even worse. A Solar Eclipse on the 9th occurs in your own sign. Take it easy that period. Health is basically good this month, but the eclipse can make you feel under the weather. It will force you to make needed changes to your diet and health regime. It will also likely bring job and career changes (this can be within your present situation or with a new one). Computer equipment can behave erratically this period (I have found that the astrological influences affect mechanical things). Make sure your files are back up and your anti-hacking/anti virus software is up to date. Won’t hurt to get a few back massages either. The Lunar Eclipse of the 23rd impacts on your children or the children figures in your life. No need for them to be involved in stressful kinds of activities. Keep them out of harm’s way that period. This eclipse brings important financial changes to the spouse, current love and a parent or parent figure in your life. You finances look very good - especially after the 20th.







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