Meet Dave Romanelli, a favorite and original Spiritual Gangster whose journey dates back to the beginning. Flash back in time to his college days with friend Ian Lopatin & their early careers in LA. Ian experienced a serendipitous encounter with Bikram himself and was immersed in a new world of yoga that he then convinced Dave to plunge into. Attracted to its balance of physical and spiritual, they sought to create a more modern spin and set off to AZ to launch the concept. At One Yoga was born and blossomed into a phenomenon rooted in music & fun that would eventually segue into the creation of Spiritual Gangster.

Dave’s mission with yoga is a more rich celebration of life and to allow time for appreciation of our simple pleasures. His signature classes include chocolate and wine and encourage students to just stop… and savor. Yesterday, we announced Dave’s return to OUR roots and his weekend retreat later this month (here). Stay tuned for more updates on his Momenteer Movement and take the pledge to be present, gangsters. As Dave says, “show up fully for the moments that matter most." Namaste.  

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denise daniel
denise daniel

April 11, 2013

Kool <3

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