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February Horoscopes


90% of the planets are moving forward this month. Things in the world and in your life progress rapidly. The action is fast paced, just as you like it. This would normally be a good time for starting new projects (especially from the 8th to the 22nd) - and if you did it wouldn’t be a tragedy. But since you have a birthday coming up soon - some of you next month, some the month after - it might be better to wait until after your birthday. Health is good and will improve even further after the 17th. Job prospects are still excellent - though more research is needed. Job offers and terms might not be as they are portrayed. Drive more carefully on the 1st. There are some love and/or financial disruptions from the 5th to the 8th - but short term issues which will resolve quickly. Mars, the Lord of your Horoscope, spends the month in the 8th House. This is excellent for weight loss and detox regimes - if you need them. It is a very good financial aspect for the spouse, partner or current love - you seem actively involved in his or her finances - very helpful. Those of you involved in projects of self transformation enjoy success this month. The financial judgment is sound all month, but especially until the 17th. Very good to make long range financial plans, set up budgets or create savings and investment plans. There is a nice payday (and romantic opportunity) from the 9th to the 11th.



Career is the main headline this month. This is where the cosmic power is focused and you should be focused here too. Much success is happening now. Family members are also succeeding and seem supportive. The status of the family as a whole, as well as your own, is elevated. Raises and promotions (official or unofficial) are likely from the 14th onwards. You have the financial favor of the higher ups on your life. You seem to be enjoying the career now. You’re managing to have fun. A good month to entertain business associates or clients. Being social with them pays off. Foreign travel not advisable from the 1 to the 5 . If you must travel try to schedule around this period. Mars will spend the month in your 7th House of love. While this shows an active (and often aggressive) approach to love, it can also bring power struggles in your love relationship. Do your best to avoid this. But Mars will also bring spiritual type people into your social sphere. Your intuition will get training in social matters. An unexpected romantic opportunity happens from the 5th to the 8th - will it last? Or is it just a lightning flash across the sky? Your focus on the career seems to conflict with the love life - somehow you have to balance both. Online activities boost the bottom line from the 14th onwards. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Different strategies can pay off now.



Take a more relaxed schedule from the 1st to the 5th. Avoid risk taking activities. The spouse, partner or current love is in a prosperous period, but the 1st to the 5th brings some financial disruptions. Changes need to be made. Course corrections. A current relationship is still getting road tested. The unattached are probably dating less and more focused on quality dates rather than quantity. A happy romantic opportunity comes from the 5th to the 7th. With Saturn in your 7th House no need for rush. Let love develop naturally. A job opportunity comes on the 1st. The New Moon of the 8th and the Full Moon on the 22 seem like nice paydays (the 23rd is also good). But finance doesn’t seem a major interest these days, which I read as a positive. You seem satisfied with the status quo and have no need to pay that much attention to it. Health needs more watching all month, but especially after the 19th. Mars in your 6th House all month shows that you benefit from physical exercise. Good muscle tone is important. You’re making a lot of changes to your health regime - which is also good. As always when health is delicate, do your best to maintain high energy levels. College students seem successful in their studies. Legal issues go well. A good month for traveling (until the 19th).



 Your mission this month is your children (or those who play that role in your life). There is much job instability for them these days and in some cases health issues. You’re needed there. Mars in your 5th House (all month) also shows a need to enjoy your career path, to make it fun as well as successful. An appeal to youth will boost the career. The love life is still active, but winding down. You socialize (and get on with) various kinds of people. You get on with most everyone these days. Be more patient with the beloved from the 1st to the 5th. He or she seems much more temperamental then (probably because of personal dramas that have nothing to do with your relationship.) Aside from a brief disturbance from the 4th to the 6th, finances are good this month. They will get even better from the 19th onwards. Until the 19th focus on online activities and take advantage of your high tech knowledge. It might be necessary to spend on high tech equipment, software or gadgetry, but it’s a good investment. Whatever you’re doing keep in mind the financial interest of others - keep that first and foremost. Your job is to prosper others. When this happens your own prosperity will also happen. After the 19th trust your intuition - especially on the 28th and 29th.



 Self interest is not a vice in the philosophy of astrology, but too much of it can lead to psychological problems - an unbalanced perspective on things. So it is good every now and then to take a vacation from ourselves and focus on others. This is what is happening this month. You’re far away from yourself, and yet still happy. As you focus on others you discover that your own needs get taken care of quite naturally. You’re very popular these days and the love life is going well. There are more parties and gatherings. You give of yourself and others appreciate it. This attitude is not only helpful socially, but improves your bottom line. Like-ability is probably more important financially than your actual skills. You seem financially generous with your friends and they reciprocate. Love is happy. On the 19th the Sun moves into your 8th House. You’re more inspired in your creativity. Your dream life is more active (especially on the 28th and 29th) and spiritual breakthroughs are happening. A great period for detox and weight loss regimes - for getting rid of things in the body that don’t belong there. There seems to be major repairs or renovations going on in the home. Passions at home - with family members - are running high. No need to make matters worse than they need to be - be as patient as possible.



  You’re still very much in a party mode until the 14th. You work hard and you party hard. You’re able to balance the two things. An unemployed Virgo is a most miserable creature. If this is the case, you won’t be unemployed for long. There are many good job offers and opportunities happening. (Some could have happened last month too). Its good that you’re focusing more on your health this month, it will stand you in good stead for after the 19th. This is when the health needs a lot more watching. Take sane and normal precautions. Rest more. Maintain high energy levels. Get regular scalp and face massages. Cranial Sacral therapy will also be good. But no need to panic over every little twinge or ache. When the cosmic energy is stressful this is more or less normal. The love life has been challenging for a while, but this month there will be improvement - especially after the 19th. You seem to be drawing closer to the current love. You’re not there yet, but on the way. A spiritual breakthrough will clarify the current relationship. The unattached have good opportunity from the 19th onwards, but especially on the 28th and 29th. Spiritual type venues are where love opportunities happen. This has been the case for some years now - but especially after the 19th. There is a nice payday from the 9th to the 11th.



 The family situation seems volatile from the 1st to the 5th. Be more patient with family members - especially a parent or parent figure. If there are flaws in the physical home you find out about it then. The month ahead looks prosperous. A happy financial opportunity comes from the 5th to the 8th. You’re in a speculative mood this month but best resist the temptation. The spouse, partner or current love seems active in your financial affairs - very helpful. Your social contacts in general are supportive in a financial way. Libra more than most understands that life is to be enjoyed. This month more so than usual. The enjoyment of life has all kinds of side benefits. Health improves and the mind and body get refreshed. There is good ability to get on with children this month - perhaps because you share their outlook on life. You’re a little bit the child yourself. If you have children of appropriate age, there is romance for them. But even younger children will have an active social life. Health is good this month but if you feel under the weather see a spiritual type healer. Love becomes more delicate after the 17th. More work is needed in a current relationship. It doesn’t need to dissolve. Give the beloved plenty of space.



 Scorpios are dynamic people normally. Now with Mars still in your own sign you’re much more so. Like last month, you need to watch your temper these days. You might not feel that you’re being aggressive, but others could take you up that way. If temper rises take a deep breath before answering. Avoid impatience too. You want things in a hurry, but rush can lead to accidents or injury. Mars in your sign gives many positive benefits. You have increased energy and personal charisma. Happy job opportunities are coming your way without you having to go look for them. You excel - at your personal best - in exercise regimes and sports. Drive more carefully from the 1st to the 5th. Cars and communication equipment will get tested then too. There can be dramas in the lives of siblings or sibling figures in your life. Your 4th House is strong this month. Don’t be surprised if old long forgotten memories arise - spontaneously, seemingly out of nowhere. This is not pathology, its supposed to be that way. Nature is therapizing the past in this way. Just look at the memories with no opinion. Health is more delicate until the 19th, but you’re on the case. Very health conscious. You’ll do the right things. Love is happy this month. Nice romantic opportunities come from the 5th to the 11th. Love is close to home. There is a nice payday from the 9th to the 11th.



Finances continue to be good this month. Perhaps you’re not enjoying the act of money making as much as you would like, but prosperity is still happening. Everything seems to revolve around money this month. Even love and career success. Career success is measured in dollars and cents. If you earn more you’re successful. If you earn less, you’re less successful. Love opportunities happen as you pursue your financial goals. Wealth and material gifts are romantic turn ons. People involved in your finances are alluring (especially until the 14th). After the 14th the gift of gab allures you romantically. You always gravitate to smart intellectual people, but this period even more so. There are love opportunities at lectures, seminars or school functions. In general the month ahead is excellent for intellectual activities - teaching or learning, reading and studying. Students are doing well in school. The mind is sharp and clear. A good month for sales and marketing people. Mars in your 12th House suggests a secret covert war. It is not fought with fists or guns, but psychologically. Children or children figures are more spiritual this period - but sometimes it shows involvement with drugs or alcohol. This should be avoided. Career is going well this year, but this month divert more time and focus to the family (especially after the 19th).



 Basically a happy month. Almost all the planets are making harmonious aspects to you. Health should be good. Self esteem and self confidence are good. Venus in your sign gives beauty, grace and a sense of style. A very good period (until the 17th) to buy clothing and personal accessories. The taste will be good. Venus in your sign also shows happy career opportunities coming to you. You have the image of success. Others see you this way (regardless of how you may feel inside.) Like last month romance doesn’t seem a major priority. A kind of status quo kind of month. The 8th, 22nd and 23rd are strong romantic days in the period. Mercury in your sign until the 14th brings job opportunities. Your money house is very strong this month (the strongest it will be this year), so earnings are good. There is much focus here and this tends to prosperity. Good to use spare cash to pay down debt. Money can come from tax refunds or insurance claims too. On the 17th as Venus enters the money house you have the financial favor of elders, parents and authority figures in your life. Legal issues are favorable though there can be delays here. Take a more relaxed schedule from the 1st to the 5th. No need for high stress activities.



Mars in your 10th House of career all month shows that you’re working very hard and that the demands of the career are strong. You have to fend off competitors. Aggressive action is needed. A sibling or sibling figure is successful this month. In spite of the career demands, the month ahead is happy. You’re happy, confident and loved. You’re getting your way in most things. The current love seems totally devoted to you - totally on your side - very eager to please. If you’re unattached love opportunities pursue you. You look great. The Sun in your sign gives star quality. Venus in your sign (from the 17th onwards) gives beauty and social grace. You’re alluring to the opposite sex these days - more so than usual. On the 19th the Sun enters your money house bringing prosperity. The beloved and social connections in general are a major factor. The financial intuition has been important for some years now, but especially on the 28th and 29th. Watch the dreams that period, they bring important love and financial revelation. There is a social meeting with someone rich. There are dramas and shakeup in a spiritual or charitable organization from the 1st to the 5th. Children, children figures and family members seem more devoted to you - on your side.



 Computers, software and high tech equipment get tested from the 1st to the 5th. Some might need replacement. Make sure important files and photos are backed up. Career is still demanding. You have to earn success the hard way, through sheer merit. Finances are good this month, but will get better after the 19th. The 4th to the 6th brings some short term challenges. Your Financial Planet spends the month in the th
9 House. This shows earnings from foreign companies, foreign investments or from foreigners in general. But it also shows financial increase. The Financial Planet in Scorpio shows a need to trim redundancies and waste. Its not about cutting things that you need or enjoy - just the waste. A good month to pay down debt or borrow - depending on your need. Love happens as you pursue your career goals and with people involved in your career. Love opportunity also happens online or as you get involved with groups and group activities. On the 19th the Sun enters your sign. A happy transit. It enhances energy and personal charisma. You have a naturally “sunny” demeanor. Health and energy are improved. Job opportunities come. (The 28th and 29th are especially good for this).


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