Namaste, Spiritual Gangsters!

As I’m sure you’ve seen on our Facebook, we have some pretty sick video footage on our hands… this media action is all thanks to our main man David Zimmerman & his team at The Family Vibe in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ. Spiritual Gangster is more than just a clothing line: it’s a lifestyle. A phrase we like to say around here is “Do something good while you wear this.” SG represents a new generation of yogis who seek balance between the ancient practice of yoga & our modern world. It’s about High Vibration living, it’s about giving back, and it’s about igniting the light in others & encouraging positivity in the world around you.

On that note, let us tell you that we love to have FUN more than anything. The video featured below captures the lighthearted fun-loving yogi spirit that our brand was founded upon. Check out the sweet moves from founders Ian & Vanessa and their crazy crew of Spiritual Gangsters! 

Thanks, DZ! Couldn’t have done this without you.

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