You’ve got the travel bug very strong right now, but be more discerning about it. Traveling just to travel is not such a good thing. It has to have some good purpose to it. Traveling in the line of duty is advisable but not otherwise. Mars, the Lord of your Horoscope, makes dynamic aspects from the 5th to the 8th (square Pluto) and from the 9th to the 12th (Opposition Uranus). Watch the temper, avoid confrontations, and be more mindful on the physical plane. Exercise regimes should be more relaxed that period. Strenuous type sports are best avoided. Your personal popularity is still very strong and the social life is good. Financial success comes as you put the financial interests of others ahead of your own. This doesn’t mean being a “victim” - you deserve what you deserve - it just means looking out for the prosperity of others. The career is successful this month. Your career planet is moving forward and making nice aspects to you. You have the favor of bosses and parent figures. Even the government seems favorably disposed to you and if you have issues with the government this is a good month to deal with it. You’re meeting people socially (towards the end of the month) who can help you careerwise. But its good to show your creativity in career matters. 



Your 8th House is still very strong until the 21st. Continue to eliminate the useless and extraneous from your life. Our outer circumstances are like the body. Too much effete material in the body can create blockages and even become toxic. Good health is not so much about adding things to the body but about getting rid of what doesn’t belong there. And so it is with your possessions. Its also a good idea to apply this to your financial life. Eliminate waste and redundancy. Pay down debt. Reduce interest expenses. This is a good month to refinance existing debt at more favorable rates. The love life is excellent this month. Venus enters your House of love on the 5th. This gives more popularity. You’re there for others - for your friends and the beloved. And, they appreciate this. You’re also more proactive in love. You go after what you want. You let others know where you stand. You’re creating social conditions and circumstances. A foreign trip with the beloved will enhance your relationship. If you are unattached there is love in foreign lands, with foreigners, at church, synagogue or mosque or in educational type settings. Libido is stronger than usual this month, but with Saturn in your 8th House be careful not to overdo it.



The social life is still very active this month. There are a lot of parties and gatherings. Singles are dating more. But with Saturn still in your 7th House you need to be more discriminating about who you go out with and which parties you attend. Health still needs more watching and care. But you will see a lot of improvement after 21st. In the meantime make sure to get enough rest. Venus, your spiritual planet, will be in your House of health from the 5th to the 30th. Thus you respond well to spiritual type therapies. If you feel under the weather a spiritual type healer could be just the ticket for you. Keep in mind though, high energy is always the best defense against disease. Your 8th House becomes powerful from the 21st onwards. So, surgeries can be recommended to you - it gives a tendency to this - especially from the 18th to the 20th. But detox regimes should be explored as alternatives. They often achieve the same result though it takes longer. In the 8th House the soul wants to soar like an eagle - only it can’t because it is weighed down with old baggage. So, get rid of the old baggage in your home, in your possessions and in your psyche.



Your career planet, Mars, spends the entire month in your 4th House of home and family. This shows (like last month) that your family - your emotional wellness - is your real career. If these are right the career will be right. It would also show repairs or renovations going on in the home. Passions run high in the family. Be more patient with them. Health and energy are much improved this month, but after the 21st needs more watching. A child or child figure is prospering and seems successful. Mars makes stressful aspects with Pluto and Uranus from the 5th to the 12th. This would show some upheavals in the career - conflicts or sudden changes. There are dramas with a parent or parent figure - perhaps a surgery or near death kind of experience. Finances are good. The main danger is over spending (especially from the 13th to the 15th). Often this comes from unrealistic optimism. Your Financial Planet is in Sagittarius until the 21st - this contributes to it. On the 21st as the Sun enters Capricorn financial judgement is more sound - more conservative - more realistic. Business partnerships or joint ventures could happen. You’re investing in the spouse, current love or partners. But you also have their financial favor. The social life sparkles all month.




The love life has been going good ever since the 23rd of November and is still good until the 21st. There is more harmony with the beloved these days. Singles have many romantic opportunities. Uranus, your Love Planet, will start to move forward on the 26th - another good sign. There is more clarity in love. The social judgement is much improved. You are always a “love at first sight” kind of person. This month (especially until the 23rd) even more so. You jump into things rather quickly. You are fearless in love. The good thing about this is that the people you meet are also “love at first sight” kind of people. The question is whether the passion is sustainable over time. You’re an impulse spender by nature. Your Financial Planet in Sagittarius (until the 11th) makes you even more so. The danger here is overspending. By the 11th as Mercury moves into Capricorn, the financial judgement is more realistic - more sound - more down to earth. Many of you are doing a lot of shopping this season. It might be advisable to hold off until the 11th. The Financial Planet in Capricorn (from the 11th onwards) is a good time to make long range financial plans, to make realistic budgets, savings and investment plans. It gives more financial discipline and a long term view of finance.



Out in the world there are many parties happening this month, but for you the partying begins later on - on the 21st. Until then its more of a family period. Family relations are basically good. The family seems devoted to you and vice versa (especially until the 11th). There is good cooperation between you. During the holiday season most people report unresolved issues with the family. But for you this is even stronger. Yet, its perfectly natural. This is nature’s therapeutic technique. You’re more nostalgic than usual. Old, long forgotten memories of childhood and family experiences arise out of the blue. It is good to observe them in a conscious way. Don’t judge. Just observe. This observation will bring a new and better interpretation of past events. They won’t have the power over you that they once had. The danger here is that there is a tendency to live in the past (your 4th House is very powerful this month). You might want to re-fight old battles or re-create old pleasures or conditions. This will only make matters worse. If the old feelings are so strong that you feel over powered, try writing them out on paper - don’t hold them in and don’t dump them on others. Write them out and then throw the paper away. You’ll feel much better.



Love is still happy - but unstable - this month. The spouse, partner or current love is still very devoted to you and doing everything possible to please. He or she should take it easy from the 5th to the 12th. Drive more carefully, avoid confrontations and in general stay out of harm’s way. You and the beloved have been very close the past few months, but now you seem more focused on finance, while he or she is focused on you and the social life. The Sun left your money house last month on the 23rd. But Venus moves in on the 5th, so there is still a great focus on finance - and focus brings prosperity. (You’re probably spending more too). You spend on yourself - your image, your clothing and accessories etc. You invest in your self. Personal appearance seems very important in financial matters and this is probably the reason for it. Your financial judgement is excellent - sound, conservative, realistic. Many of the other signs are prone to overspending this season, but not you. You might spend but you get value for your dollar. Health is good but becomes more delicate after the 21st. If you feel under the weather see a spiritual type healer, you respond beautifully to that. Foot massage is also very good.



You might feel tight. You might be concerned over larger than expected financial obligations. But the fact is. in spite of what you feel, prosperity is happening. Your money house is very strong this month. (Easily the strongest in your Horoscope.) Your financial planet is making beautiful aspects to you (to Pluto, the Lord of your Horoscope). And, will be making nice aspects for the next year or so. No need to worry. You will have the resources to handle your responsibilities - just do some re-organizing. Online activity - perhaps a web site - and technological know how will enhance earnings. Venus, your Love Planet, moves into your sign on the 5th. Love is happy and running after you. All you need to do is show up. Just go about your business and love will find you. Also it looks like happy love. Someone who is devoted to you. For women this shows enhanced physical beauty. For men this shows involvement with young and beautiful women. Health is still good, but if you feel under the weather try spiritual therapeutics or see a spiritual type healer. This was true last month too. Your Health Planet is still in your 12th House. Communication and intellectual interests have been important for many years now and after the 21st become event more important. The mind is sharp and clear. You absorb information life a sponge. Use this to your advantage.



 A happy and prosperous month. The planetary energy moves towards you - supports you - and thus things get done with less effort and tend to be successful. For you, this month, self interest is nota vice. This is the cycle you’re in. Take responsibility for your own happiness. Create the conditions that you want - you have the power and the energy. You have the support of the beloved and friends. This is a time to have things your way - so long as it isn’t destructive. This is a month for party going, but be more discriminating from the 5th to the 12th. Children and children figures in your life should take a more reduced schedule as well. 90% of the planets are moving forward this month. Your personal solar cycle begins to wax from your birthday onwards. After the 21st, the universal solar cycle starts to wax. So after the 21st (and next month too) is an excellent time to launch new products or ventures into the world. Prosperity has been strong ever since Saturn moved into your sign on September 18. But this month - from the 21st onwards, the prosperity is even stronger. Your money house becomes powerful. You have the support of the beloved and partners. Earnings are on the increase.



A happy and prosperous month Capricorn. Enjoy. The financial life is excellent. Your Financial Planet is receiving great aspects from the transits. Earnings are increasing and coming with less drama and effort. There can be some delays involved - Uranus is still retrograde until the 26th - but these won’t stop the prosperity. By the end of the month there will be more financial clarity and this will be a big help. Mental clarity in any area of life is perhaps 90% of the secret of success. The month ahead - especially until the 21st is very spiritual. Capricorn is known for pragmatism, not idealism - but these days you’re more idealistic. Perhaps you will start some idealistic venture that will require your practical skills and management ability. We can easily envision you as a manager for a non-profit or charity. Career is still important and you’re working very hard there. Passions run high in the family this month. There is some financial disagreement with a parent or parent figure. Family members should take it easy from the 5th to the 12th. Repairs might be needed in the home that period. Detox regimes and weight loss programs have been favorable for many years now - but become especially favorable after the 21st.



Health is wonderful this month. With health and energy your vistas expand. What you considered impossible in the past now becomes eminently doable. Good health is like money in the bank. It is not being frittered away on health expenses. Your 11th House - your favorite House - is where the power is this month. You’re impelled to do the things that you most love to do and that you’re best at - being involved with friends, groups, group activities and organizations. You’re spending more time online and networking. Love opportunities, for those of you unattached, happen in these milieus. Aquarians have a love for science, astronomy and astrology and this month you have the freedom to indulge yourself. Your knowledge of these things expands. Venus crosses your Midheaven on the 5th and brings more career opportunity and success. Your social grace (and family connections) are playing a role here. Good to attend or host the right kind of parties this month. Family members also seem successful. A parent or parent figure seems a bit over bearing or bossy. There can be business related travel from the 5th onwards. Educational opportunities related to your career should be taken. Love is good all month. The online world and the social networking sites bring romantic opportunity for the unattached. Finances improve after the 21st.



 Mars, your Financial Planet, has been in Libra since November 12 and will be there for the rest of the month ahead. There are a few financial shocks and surprises - from the 5th to the 12th - but nothing you can’t handle. There can be a sudden school or travel expense that you didn’t prepare for. Perhaps you over gave to a charity. But these things are short term issues. This is a month to pay down debt with extra cash and to focus on the financial interests of your partners and friends. Your own financial interest is important, but you need to make sure that the people you do business with also prosper. This month your job is to make other people rich. As you do this your own supply will happen in natural ways. The Financial Planet in the 8th House often shows inheritance. But it can also manifest as being named in a will or estate, or being appointed to some administrative post in an estate. Money can come from insurance claims or tax refunds. Your 10th House of career is even stronger than last month. And the same trends are in effect. Both like-ability and merit are important. You can’t just rely on one or the other. Health still needs watching until the 21st. You can enhance the health through thigh massage until the 21st and through back and knee massage afterwards.




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