In ancient cultures, October is known as the "yellow month" because it is the time of year where leaves fade from green to yellow. The world in turn begins to fade…sun rays become softer, days become shorter, and temperatures become cooler. But with this natural progression of fading also begins an internal process of brightness. October is a month to slow down, reflect inwards, and embrace our own incredible inner light and brightness. As the outside world fades, nurture your own internal golden goodness. 

The pace of life quickens this month. By the 9 80% of the planets will be moving th forward. You’ll start to see faster progress towards your goals. The love life is the main headline this month - until the 23rd . Like last month, Venus is moving forward and your 7th House of love is very strong. There is focus here - and focus, by the spiritual law, always brings results. Until the 8th, love opportunities happen in the usual places - the night spots, the clubs, parties, resorts and places of entertainment. After the 8th they happen at the work place, perhaps with co-workers or people involved in your health. Health professionals become romantically alluring after the 8th. Venus’s square to Saturn from the 9th to the 11th can create short term difficulties in love - but these are very short term. The 24th to the 27th brings happy romantic opportunity for singles. (Also a nice payday). The 15th to the 18th also brings a nice payday and travel opportunity. Health needs more watching until the 23rd, but nothing serious is in store. Just lower energy. Continue to enhance the health through hip massage and kidney cleanses. Health improves after the 23rd.


Love is getting steadily better. Saturn is now permanently out of your 7th House and the aspects to your Love Planet are even better than last month. The Sun enters your 7th House on the 23rd and you’re in a social peak then. Taurus likes committed relationships. They like security in all things - even love. This is a great month to meet a special someone. Marriage might not happen, but you’re meeting “marriage material” - people you’d consider marrying. Family members seem active in your love life - perhaps making introductions. Family connections also seem important. This is a fun kind of month, like last month. You’re working hard, but also managing to enjoy yourself. You’ve got a nice balance between work and play. There is a nice payday from the 24th to the 27th. Your Financial Planet has been retrograde since September 17 and will move forward on the 9th. If you have important financial decisions wait until after the 9th. Money comes the old fashioned way this month - through work - you earn it. You don’t have the aspects of the lottery winner this month. You seem to be spending more on health and health products. A happy spiritual breakthrough happens from the 15th to the 18th. Watch your dreams that period, they are significant


5 (and sometimes 6) planets are stressing your out this month Gemini. You need to watch your health and energy. One or two planets in stressful alignment can always be handled, but when they start ganging up on you like this, you need to take more precautions. The colon, bladder and sexual organs are always important for you. A colon cleanse might be a good idea. In the past few years the spine, back, knees and bones have become important. Regular back massage and visits to a chiropractor would be good. On the 23rd , as the Sun enters your 6th House of health, the heart also becomes important. Might be a good idea to spend more time in a health spa or schedule more massages and reflexology treatments. Love is bittersweet this month. On the one hand Saturn is in your 7th House, testing the current relationship. On the other hand Venus, the planet of love, is making beautiful aspects to Jupiter your Love Planet. Love opportunities are happening (especially from the 24th to he 27th) but will get tested. Singles should probably not marry this year. A weeding out process is happening in the social life. Only the best will do for you, anything less, gets tossed out. Looks like renovations are going on the home.



On September 23 the Sun entered your 4th House - your favorite House - and will be there until the 23rd of the current month. The focus is now on the home, family and your emotional wellness. You’re spending more on the home and family and can earn from here too. You will have opportunities to earn money from home or through family connections. Children and children figures are prospering and seem successful. Career is not a major focus this month, yet there is success and advancement happening - especially from the 15th to the 18th. There is harmony in the family - perhaps you are entertaining from home or socializing with family members - from the 24th to the 27th. A happy job opportunity comes through the family too. Continue to watch the health until the 23rd. The liver, thighs, spine, knees and bones are important health wise. Sometimes a shoulder or leg seems like a problem, but often it is a bone problem and not a shoulder or leg problem. As always make sure to get enough rest. Avoid speculations from the 5th to the 7th. There are short term financial disagreements with a child or child figure in your life. The 11th and 12th bring a short term financial disturbance and you’re forced to make dramatic changes. Love will improve next month. The work place seems the scene of romance these days.




The year ahead is about prosperity. Last month was prosperous - though hectic - and the trend continues in the month ahead. Though the Sun has left your money house, it is still very strong - easily the strongest in your Horoscope. Three powerful beneficial planets occupy the money house, so there is a a cosmic conspiracy to enrich you. There is luck in speculations. Your personal creativity (and Leo is very creative) is a marketable commodity. On the 8 as Venus moves into the money house, the pay raises can come. You have the financial favor and support of parents, parent figures, bosses and elders. The government is also playing a positive role here. If you have financial issues with the government this is a good month - from the 8th onwards - to deal with them. (The 24th to the 27th is best.) The 24th to the 27th brings career elevation and success. The 15th to the 18th brings travel opportunity and is excellent for college students - they seem successful in their studies. Legal issues will also go well that period. Love seems more or less on hold this month. Your Love Planet is retrograde and you seem distant from the beloved (especially until the 23rd). Best to focus on finance now.



Mars moved into your sign on September 25 and will be there for the month ahead. Mars in your sign gives sex appeal and a strong libido. It gives energy, courage and charisma. You’re physically stronger than usual and excel in sports or exercise regimes. Even if you never exercise, this month you’re more in the mood for it. The spouse, partner or current love seems financially generous with you (especially from the 15th to the 18th). It is good to pay down debt with spare cash, but its also good to borrow if you need to. You have good access to outside capital these days. Mars in your sign has other pitfalls. It can make you impatient, in a rush - you can drive too fast or walk too fast - and this can lead to injury. It also increases the temper, which can lead to arguments and even physical conflict. So watch the temper this month. The month ahead is very prosperous. The financial intuition is super. Psychics, gurus, spiritual channels and astrologers have important financial guidance and information for you. On the 8th your Financial Planet Venus moves into your sign increasing the prosperity even further. (The 24th to the 27th is an especially good financial period.) Health is good this month.




A happy and prosperous month ahead Libra. Enjoy. After last month you deserve some fun. The Sun in your 1st House shows that friends are very devoted to you and are there for you. Your sense of style is always glamorous, but now its also very original - different - unique. You look good and have a sunny disposition these days. A good month to increase your knowledge of science, astrology and high tech. High tech gadgets are coming to you. Love is much improved over last month. The two planets involved in your love life - Venus (the generic ruler of love) and Mars, your actual Love Planet - are in the 12th House of spirituality. This gives many messages. The bars, clubs and hot spots are not the venues for romance this month. It is the spiritual lecture, the meditation seminar, the prayer circle, the charity event where love is found. Shared spiritual ideals and overall spiritual compatibility are what’s important in love. With spiritual compatibility most any problem can be solved. Without it, almost nothing can be solved - not for long anyway. Your Financial Planet Pluto is now moving forward and receiving very beautiful aspects. There is good financial support from the spouse, partner or current love, from parents or parent figures and family members. The financial intuition is excellent this month. On the 23rd the Sun enters the money house bringing peak earnings. Health is also good.




Venus has been in your 10th House since August. She will be there until the 8th of this month. You are allured by power and position. This has been the greatest romantic turn on. Singles most likely got involved in office type romances. Your social grace - and the current love - have been helpful career-wise. But on the 8th your needs in love change. You want friendship with the beloved. You want a relationship of peers with common mental interests. (Wealth wouldn’t hurt either,) If you are still unattached there is happy romantic opportunity from the 24th to the 27th - someone who is perhaps involved in your financial life. Now that Saturn is out of your sign your health and energy are much better. Your Health Planet in the sign of Virgo, which rules health, is another positive indicator. You’re focused here. You might be more involved with the health of friends than with your own. You’ve been experimental in health matters for some years, but this month even more so. You like the cutting edge technologies and the new emerging therapies. On the 23rd the Sun enters your sign. This is wonderful for the career. Happy opportunities are chasing you rather than the other way around. People see you as successful - as a power person. You’re on good terms with the power people in your life.





Health still needs a lot of watching this month. The career is active and successful and the demands are great. You’re working very hard - perhaps fending off attacks by competitors. Your personal elevation makes you a natural target and you draw all kinds of flak from others. Keep the focus on the important things and let the small stuff go. Until the 8 give more attention to the heart th (avoid worry and anxiety). After the 8th the small intestine is important. Eat foods that are easier to digest. Career is active, but so is the social life. You’re very involved with friends groups and group activities - especially until the 23rd . There is a happy romantic opportunity from the 24th to the 27th, but it doesn’t seem serious - more like a love affair than a long term relationship. Your Love Planet goes forward on the 9th which is another positive for love - and it seems to come from involvement with groups and group activities. Online activities can also lead to romance. Finances are also good. Financial opportunity seeks you out. Windfalls are coming. Only lighten up a bit. You seem much too serious. On the 23rd, the Sun enters your spiritual 12th House. A more spiritual kind of period. Good for the study of sacred scripture and for meditation. You’ll have to balance this with an active career.





Now that the disruptions of the eclipses are behind you the month ahead looks happy and successful. Health is good and will get even better after the 23rd. Your Health Planet spends the month in Libra, your 10th House. Your social life and professional reputation play a big role in health. Problems here could impact on your physical health. Should this (god forbid) happen restore harmony as quickly as you can. Regular hip massage will enhance the health even more. This is a month of career success. Your good work ethic is noted by superiors. Sometimes success involves delaying financial gratification in favor of career - and this is the situation this month. Get the career right and the money will follow later on down the road. There is business related travel in your chart this month. Try to schedule it (if possible) after the 9th. Career is especially happy and successful from the 24th to the 27th. Your Financial Planet has been retrograde for many months and is still retrograde for the month ahead. Continue to review your finances and see where improvements can be made. You can act on your plans later on. Now is the time for getting clarity. Love doesn’t seem a major issue this month. You have other priorities.




The Sun’s entry into romantic Libra on the 23rd of September helps the love life. The Sun will be here until the 23rd of this month. Last month’s eclipse tested relationships and now the social life expands again. Foreigners are very appealing. There are romantic and social opportunities at your place of worship or university functions. Love is much happier than last month. Your 8th House was strong last month is very strong this month too. This shows enhanced libido an more sexual activity. More importantly it shows success in projects involving personal transformation - and many of you are involved in this. To grow into who we want to be means eliminating old patterns and habits. The spouse, partner or current love is having a great financial month. The year ahead will also be prosperous. Your personal financial life is a bit slower this month. You just have to work harder to achieve your goals. If you put in the effort, prosperity will happen. Your Financial Planet has been retrograde for some months now and this complicates things. You need clarity in finances - a clear direction. This is more important than actual money right now. Jupiter’s move into Aquarius on August 11 was great for the career. This is a year of career success. The Sun’s move into your 10th House on the 23rd is showing an active and happy career for the rest of the month.



Big things happening socially this month. Last month’s eclipse seems to have opened up social and romantic doors. Venus enters the 7th House of love on the 8th. Jupiter has been there since August 11. Two powerful benefics occupy this House. Love is blooming. The good social life is helping your career too. Good to attend or host the right parties and gatherings. You’re meeting people socially and romantically who can also open career doors. With the career, social connections are helpful, but not enough. Saturn in your 10th House of career shows that you have to perform, you have to earn your success. If you do the work you will. Mars in your 7th House shows that your good social life is also helping the bottom line. You’re not only mixing with high people, but rich ones as well. A partnership or joint venture - very favorable - is likely. Your 8th House is also very powerful this month. Many of you are working on projects of self transformation - giving birth to the person that you want to be - giving birth to the “ideal you”. These projects go well this month. There are many things in our lives that need “resurrection” - it could be a business, a relationship, some organ of the body - this is a month to make it happen. Health needs watching this month. You can enhance by hip massage (a kidney cleanse would also be good) until the 23rd and by giving more attention to the colon, bladder and sexual organs afterwards. Detox regimes are good all month.


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