Image how your day would go if you didn’t have any sharp edges. Not like elbows and knees, but the sharp edges that catch things like mean comments, running late to work, and every day insecurities. What would happen if you imagined your body (as well as your mind and spirit) as a lush, gentle, and smooth entity; allowing all things to move through you and over you instead of getting stuck on those ridged and harsh edges? What would happen if you lived your life with no sharp edges?


Try closing your eyes for a moment and imagine your day. Picture a moment where something went wrong or didn’t sit well with you; perhaps it was a rude comment from a co-worker, someone cutting you in line at the grocery store, or getting a flat tire on the way to yoga. These occurrences, if we allow them (and it’s often times hard not to) get caught on our sharp edges and weigh our mind, body, and spirit down. These sharp edges are made up of insecurities, past hurts, suppressed dreams, and negative thinking patterns.


Imagine that painful or uncomfortable instance in your day rolling off your body instead of harboring it on one of your jagged emotional edges. Let it move through you. After all, we are made to move- our bodies, our minds, our spirits….we are not meant to stay in one place or remain stagnant in any way. Let that stale and motionless aspect move through you, gliding off of your body, heart, and mind.

Take time to create movement and fluidity in your life. Create time to nourish your natural inclination for movement, creativity, and positivity. May that be a morning beach walk, an afternoon yoga class, or creating a healthy and home cooked meal, we are able to move in a positive way each day.


Today, live as if you have no sharp edges, only pure golden rays of motion.


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  • Frenetta: January 22, 2016

    Love this!

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