August comes from the Latin word Augustus, which means reverence and admiration for supreme dignity, grandeur, majestic. This month, honor your inner god and goddesses, and your own inner radiance. 
This is the kind of a month where you play hard and work hard. Its neither all play nor all work. A nice balance. 2015 has pretty much been a party year. But now you’re getting a little tired of “fun” and are itching to be productive - to get down to work. Jupiter will move into your House of Work on the 12th and stay there for the rest of the year. Where before you had a passion for leisure and play, now you have a passion for work. Employers see this and there are very happy job opportunities coming. Job opportunities will come even if you’re already employed. There are interesting opportunities with foreign companies or in foreign lands. This is also a nice aspect for health. If there have been pre-existing conditions you will start to hear good news about it. The liver and thighs become important health wise. The month ahead also looks prosperous. The 3 to the 6 and the 26 to the 28 are especially nice paydays. The only issue in finance now is the retrograde of Venus, your Financial Planet. Avoid major purchases or investments this month - of course you shop for groceries and the things that you need - but the big ticket items need more study. Things are not as they seem. The same is true about love. There are happy romantic opportunities all month (especially from the 3rd to the 6th) but don’t make drastic love decisions just yet. Allow love to develop naturally.

Health and energy are not what they should be or will be - a temporary thing. In the meantime give more attention to the heart, kidneys, hips and neck. Hip, neck and chest massage is good. Heat oriented therapies - saunas, steam rooms and hot baths - are good. Plain old sunshine is good too. Health will improve on the 12th and improve more from the 23rd onwards. It should be a prosperous month. Your Financial Planet, Mercury, moves unusually fast. This shows confidence and someone who covers a lot of territory. A very nice payday happens from the 6th to the 8th as Mercury travels with Jupiter. There is luck in speculations that period. Jupiter moves into your 5th House on the 12th - a very happy transit for you. Women of childbearing age are more fertile than usual. There is good fortune and pleasure from children (or children figures in your life). There will be more fun and leisure in your life from August 12 onwards. Moves could have happened in the past year, and if not can still happen in coming months. The family circle is expanding. There is good fortune in real estate. Saturn is still in your 7th House testing love, but he’s getting ready to move out of this House next month. The stage is set for a super love life in coming months.



Basically a happy month. Health and energy are good - especially until the 23rd. There is

tremendous power in your 3rd House of communication this month - as if you need it! Gemini’s

communication skills are legendary. But now you speak and write with more pizzaz, more zing, more flair.

You are more creative with it. It’s a very marketable commodity. Sales and marketing people, teachers

and writers should have a great month. Your mind is always sharp, but now even more so. The only down

side is you might be overdoing a good thing - talking too much, thinking too much. This wastes energy,

Mars leaves the money house on the 9th. Financial goals are more or less achieved and you don’t need to

spend too much time on this. You can focus on expanding your mind and knowledge. This would be an

excellent period for mass mailings or advertising campaigns. Even though many planets are retrograde,

these issues are not affected. The love life is happy this month. Very happy romantic and social

opportunities happen from the 3rd to the 8th and from the 26th to the 28th. Your Love Planet makes a major

move this month - on the 12th. It moves from Leo into Virgo and will be there for the rest of the year. This

shows more entertaining from and home and with the family. And old flame can come back into the





You are still in a very prosperous period. 60% of the planets are in your money house this month

- either there or moving through there. A huge percentage. This is a lot of financial power. So finance is

the main headline of the month. Raises and promotions are likely. Bosses, elders, authority figures and

even the government seem favorably disposed to your financial goals. (Money can come from the

government this month). The 26th to the 28th seems like an exceptionally good pay day - but you will have

others throughout the month. The 26th to the 28th also brings happy job opportunities. Health and energy

are good. Your health planet makes a major move on the 12th. He leaves Leo, where he’s been for the

past year, and moves into Virgo. This is a good aspect for health as Virgo promotes that. The small

intestine becomes more important healthwise (last year it was the heart). You already know the

importance of good emotional health, now its time to focus on good mental health. Strive for intellectual

purity. It is good in its own right, but now it is a health issue. Give the mind exercise. Study a language or

take courses in subjects that interest you. You can afford it. Love is straightening out this month too.

Saturn, your Love Planet, starts to move forward on the 2 . There is more social confidence. nd There is

more clarity. Love opportunities happen in resorts, the theater, places of entertainment.




Another happy and prosperous month Leo. Enjoy. There are many planets in your sign this month.

60% of the planets are either there or moving through there. This means that the planetary power is

moving towards you - it supports you, your goals and desires. Even though Saturn is still stressing you

out (those of you born late in the sign - August 20-22 - will feel it strongest) there are so many other

planets helping you that the effect is mitigated. This is a month for traveling, for pampering yourself, for

buying clothing and accessories, for getting the body and image in right shape and for enjoying all the

pleasures of the body. No need to worry about the cost of this - you can easily afford it. Mercury, your

Financial Planet is still in your sign until the 7th and then he will move into the money house until the 27th.

Financial opportunities and windfalls pursue you. Jupiter’s move into your money house on the 12th

shows prosperity for the year ahead. It shows luck in speculations and someone who earns money in

happy enjoyable ways. Mars in your sign from the 9th onwards gives much energy and dynamism. You

excel in sports and exercise regimes. You get things done in a hurry. It is also good news for students

applying to college.




A very eventful kind of month. A turning point month. You can feel the cosmic chess pieces being

moved on the board of life. Conditions are being re-arranged for the better. Jupiter moves into your sign

on the 12th initiating a long term cycle of prosperity and good fortune. In the past year much has been

happening in your life - many positive things - but they were internal. Now the good externalizes - there

for everyone to see. Women of child bearing age are more fertile now and a pregnancy wouldn’t be a

surprise. In general Virgos need to watch the weight more. They are leading the good life and this is the

price one pays for it. Parents or parent figures seem very supportive and very devoted. Many planets in

your sign - from the 12th onwards - makes you more independent and self willed and this can stress the

love life. You and the current love need to work harder on your relationship. You’re seeing things from

opposite perspectives. This is still a very spiritual kind of month - as it has been all year. Spiritual

breakthroughs are happening - especially on the 26th-28th. Watch your dreams that period, they are

significant. Health and energy are good this month - and especially from the 23rd onwards. The 3rd to the

6th brings happy romantic opportunity. The 6th to the 8th brings a nice payday.




A happy month Libra, with a few challenges to make things interesting. The month ahead is very

social. You’re involved with groups, group activities and organizations. You’re making new friends and

meeting new people. Fondest hopes and wishes are coming to pass. The romantic life is also

straightening out. Your Love Planet moves into Leo on the 9th and stays there for the rest of the month.

This shows that groups and group activities are not just fun in their own right but can lead to romance

too. Perhaps someone you considered “just a friend” wants to be more than that. With your 11th House so

powerful you seem more active in the online world - especially the social media. Social media can be a

venue for romance as well. As has been the case for some years now, it is the stability of these

relationships that are questionable. Still it is good to enjoy things for what they are. Jupiter’s move into

your 12th House of spirituality on the 12th makes the year ahead more spiritual. Those of you on the path

will actually enjoy the spiritual practice - it won’t be discipline, but fun. Those of you not on a path, are

likely to get on it in the coming year. Jupiter’s move into Virgo shows prosperity in the year ahead too.

Jupiter will be making beautiful aspects to your Financial Planet, Pluto.





Last month was a successful month and this month even more so. The career is expanding and

blossoming. True you’re working hard and the demands are great (especially after the 9th) but you’re

seeing the results of your work. Another way to read this is that your success is actually bringing on a

stronger work load. Both readings are true. By the 23rd most career goals will have been achieved (at

least the short term ones) and you can focus on the fruits of career success - the new social circle you’re

exposed to, the new friends, the new groups to be involved with. Your 11 House th becomes strong from

the 23rd onwards. Good to enhance your high tech knowledge. Good to be more involved online. Good to

expand your knowledge of science and astrology. These interests are going to be strong from here on in,

but especially this month. There is a very nice payday (and career elevation) from the 26th to the 28th.

There is happy romantic opportunity from the 3rd to the 6th. A travel or educational opportunity comes on

the 15th and 16th. Love is happy but complicated this month. Your Love Planet is still retrograde. Love

opportunities happen as you pursue your career goals and with people involved in your career - but don’t

rush into anything serious just yet. Study things more closely. Marrieds have good career support from

the spouse. Singles are allured by the “high and mighty” - the power people.




The Hindus consider the 9th House the most fortunate in the entire Horoscope. This month

your 9th House is very powerful and active - 60% of the planets are either there or moving through there. A

huge, huge percentage. So the month ahead is happy and fortunate. Many of you will be traveling.

College students are successful in school. Those seeking entrance to college should hear good news. If

you are involved in legal issues there is good fortune. With this kind of power in the 9th House a juicy

theological discussion or the visit of a Guru is more enjoyable than a night out on the town. Many of you

will be having religious and philosophical type breakthroughs this month. But the main headline is

Jupiter’s crossing of your Midheaven on the 12th and his entry into your 10th House of career. The Sun will

enter on the 23rd . So the career is blossoming. You are successful - not just this month - but for the rest of

the year ahead. You are above everyone in your world (or aspire to be). You’re in charge. In command.

At the top of your game. There are honors and recognition - not just for your achievements, but for who

you are. Others look up to you and aspire to be like you. You are a kind of role model for others. Health is

good until the 23rd, but afterwards rest and relax more - don’t allow yourself to get overtired. There is

much fire in the Horoscope this month. Thus the tendency would be to push the body beyond its limits.




Mars leaves your 7th House of love on the 9th. This should ease tensions with partners or the

beloved. Saturn, the Lord of your Horoscope, starts moving forward on the 2nd. This is good news. It

shows more clarity about your personal situation and personal goals. It shows more confidence and self

esteem. You feel that you’re moving forward in life rather than backwards. The family situation has been

turbulent for many years now, but this month there is relative calm. You seem more in harmony with them

now. Your 8th House is extremely - unusually - powerful this month. Thus this is a great period for detox

and weight loss regimes. It is good to get rid of things you don’t use or need - whether they be physical

possessions or mental-emotional patterns. You expand by cutting. You grow by getting rid of the effete

and unnecessary. The power in the 8th House shows that this is a sexually active kind of month. Libido is

roaring more than usual. Jupiter’s move into Virgo on the 12th is a wonderful transit for you. It brings

enhanced earnings, the interest of outside investors, and good fortune in your projects of self

transformation. Occult studies go well this month and in the year ahead. The spouse, partner or current

love is having a banner financial month and year. He or she is likely to be more generous with you. Many

of you will inherit money this month or the year ahead.




Love is the main headline of the month. Seldom have you had as active a social life as now. If

you are unattached (are there any still left?) there are many, many opportunities. If you are attached

you’re getting on with many different kinds of people. There’s almost no one that you can’t get along with

these days. By the 23rd the love and social goals are achieved and you move on to other interests -

personal transformation, sex, occult studies, the science of rebirth, getting a deeper understanding of

death. These things (except for sex) are not usually popular or trendy, but they’re important. When we

understand death we understand life better. The love life is strong all month but is especially good from

the 3rd to the 8th and the 26th to the 28th. Your 8th House becomes prominent for the rest of the year ahead

- not only from the 23rd onwards. So these deeper interests will be important all year (and next year too).

Jupiter’s move into Virgo on the 12th is wonderful for your career. The year ahead will be successful. Your

depth as a person enables you to rise higher in your profession and industry. Finances are more

stressful from the 23rd onwards, but the spouse, partner or current love is having a banner financial month

and should be helpful.




The main action this month is in your 6 and 7 Houses. The 6 House of th th th health and work is

easily the most powerful until the 23rd. This is great news for the unemployed. No problem finding work

this period. There are many, many offers and opportunities. There is not shortage of workers for those of

you who hire others. An actual glut. You have the cream of the crop right now. Your focus on health -

healthy lifestyles, diet and regimes is also good. It will stand you in good stead later in the month when

energy is lessened and health becomes more vulnerable. Your attention now will likely prevent problems

later on. You have a great work ethic these days and superiors take notice (especially from the 26th to the

28th.) Your career is expanding and happy. It seems from the Horoscope that you’re enjoying your work -

its fun or you take the attitude that its fun - you find ways to enjoy it. On August 12th Jupiter enters your 7th

House of love and will be there for the rest of the year (and well into next year). For singles romance is in

the air. Marriage or relationships that are “like” marriage are happening in the coming year. You will be

socializing with prominent and powerful people. A lot of your socializing will be career related.

Romantically you’re turned on by power and position. People involved in your career are alluring too -

especially if they are your superiors. Your social grace - the people you know - are opening career doors.


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