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We have all come in contact with the mid day slump...tired eyes, sluggish thoughts, and the oh-so-dreadful lack of enthusiasm. So we've got just the thing for you.

Introducing our favorite way to raise our vibration...Unicorn Milk. Made by one of our favorite inspirational instagram goddesses, Frolic & Flow.  


Normal cup of coffee in french press or aero press, add to blender
Add 1 TBL spoon GRASS FED butter or ghee to blender
Add 3 TBL spoons full fat coconut milk to blender
Add 1 TBL spoon MCT oil

Depending on mood (one or two of these): a splash of vanilla extract, cocoa powder, tumeric, lavender, cinnamon. 


BLEND until coffee turns a creamy color. Can also add tea instead of coffee :) The more froth on top, the better :) CREAMY GOODNESS FOR A BOLD START AND A FULLY CHARGED AFTERNOON!




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