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The communication skills and mental faculties are very sharp this month - in spite of Mercury’s retrograde. This is a great month to take courses in subjects that interest you, to read more and re-stock you knowledge base. It’s a great period for sales and marketing people - though you shouldn’t finalize anything until after the 11th . Also good for teachers and writers. Writing and research goes well during Mercury retrograde - but not so well for releasing these things into the world. On the 21st your 4th House of home and family becomes powerful. And this is where the focus should be for the rest of the month. Your career planet is in retrograde all month, with not much going on in the career. Which means that you might as well spend your time and energy getting your home base in order.  The 4th House is not just about your physical home, it is also about your emotional home (probably more important than the physical one). So it is great for those of you in therapy. Important psychological breakthroughs are happening. Once you find your emotional comfort zone the career will take care of itself. Health needs more watching from the 21st onwards. As always when the planetary power is stressed you must make sure to get enough rest. High energy is the first defense against disease. Health can be further enhanced through arm and shoulder massage and breathing exercises. If you feel under the weather, get out in the fresh air and just breathe deeply.
For a Taurus, money and material security are the most important things. Judged by this criteria, the month ahead is happy. You’re in the midst of a yearly financial peak that goes on until the 21st. Earnings are strong and seem to come from various places, situations and people. The retrograde of your Financial Planet until the 11th will not stop the prosperity, but perhaps slow things down a bit. You have to be more precise and more detail oriented when it comes to financial dealings. By the 11th  Mercury will move forward and remain in your money house all month. Your 3rd House of communication becomes powerful from the 21st onwards. Mercury, the planet of communication, is in the money house.  So whatever your business, good sales, marketing and PR seem the most important things. It also shows that you can earn through trading - buying and selling. Retailing also seems interesting this month. Saturn has been testing your love life for some years now. You had some respite since the beginning of 2015, but now Saturn moves back into your House of love on the 15th . Love is being tested again, but by now you know how to handle things. This is a short term issue. Love will improve in a few months. The 28th to the 30th brings a nice payday.
A happy and successful month ahead Gemini, enjoy! You start the month with many planets in your 1st House. You’re getting your way in life. The world adapts to you rather than vice versa. Health and energy are super (and when Saturn moves out of Gemini on the 15th, it will get even better.) You have a lot of energy, but your challenge is to aim it properly. Mercury is retrograde until the 11th . You’re not sure what direction to take. So use this time of uncertainty to gain mental clarity and put your plans in action after the 11th . The month is prosperous too - perhaps the most prosperous in the year so far. (The New Moon of the 16th looks like a nice payday, and finances are good from the 21st onwards). Online or high tech activities seem very important from the 24th onwards. Mars in your money house from the 24th onwards makes you a bit of a risk taker. Speculations are most favorable from the 28th to the 30th . Saturn leaving your House of love for the next few months should ease the stresses on your love life. Existing relationships should be easier. For singles the 28th to the 30th looks exceptionally good for romantic meetings or meeting romantic prospects.
A great month ahead Cancer. It might start off slow and inconspicuous. Until the 21st growth is internal and unseen, but many positive things are going on behind the scenes. After the 21st you’ll start to experience them in a tangible way. Until the 21st it is very good to engage yourself in spiritual pursuits. Study the sacred literature. Spend more time in meditation. Get more involved in idealistic and charitable causes. Get your spiritual life in order. If that is in order, finances and career will take care of themselves. On the 21st the Sun (which is also your Financial Planet) crosses your Ascendant and enters your 1st House. This not only brings energy, personal charisma and joy but also financial windfalls and opportunities. All kinds of opportunities will seek you out without you having to do very much. On the 24th, Mars, your career planet, moves into your sign. This brings happy career opportunities. You are seen as successful by others. You have the image of success and will probably dress the part. Health and energy are good all month, but especially after the 21st . Saturn moves into harmonious alignment with you (especially those of you born late in the sign) from the 15th onwards. Relations with a child or child figure in your life needs more patience from the 21st onwards. Speculations are not advisable that period - and really there’s no need for that. You prosper without that.
Venus moving into your sign on the 5th is a happy transit for you Leo. It adds beauty and grace to your image and personality. In a woman’s chart it enhances her physical beauty. In a man’s chart it brings more contact with young women. Venus is your career planet. Her move into your sign brings career opportunities and an image of success. A very good period to buy clothing and personal accessories as your sense of style is most excellent. You are attracting the opposite sex these days. Love seems more harmonious until the 21st. Things go easy. Afterwards you have to work harder at it - there are conflicts in an existing relationship - but short term. Saturn’s move into Scorpio on the 15TH puts some pressure on your energy, but by itself is not enough to cause problems. Most of the planets are either in harmonious aspect with you or leaving you alone. Health should be good. Saturn’s move (a rare event) changes your health needs. It is always good to pay attention to the spine, knees, teeth and bones. Until the 15th give more attention to the liver and thighs. Thigh massage and liver cleanses are good. After the 15th pay more attention to the colon, bladder and sexual organs. Safe sex and sexual moderation become important. There is career success from the 28th to the 30th. If you have issues with the government or bosses that would be a good time to deal with them.
Things seem stressful early in the month, but the stresses won’t last. Many positive things are about to happen. Health needs more watching until the 21st, but you will feel better even before that. As always, the first defense against disease is high energy. Make sure to get enough rest and indulge in therapies that add to your energy (scalp and face massage is excellent). Love is problematic this month, but you should see improvement when Saturn leaves Sagittarius and retrogrades back into Scorpio. A lot of the stresses in love were not your fault. The beloved was stressed and this stressed the relationship. He or she should start feeling better after the 15th - and start really feeling good after the 21st . The Sun and Mars move out of their stressful aspect on the 21st and 24th respectively. Watch how your energy s magically improves! Will the credit go to some therapist, pill or potion? Probably. But the truth is, the planets shifted in your favor. Most of the stresses that you’ve been having have to do with the career - it looks very hectic and demanding. You’re working very hard there - fending off competition. There’s a lot of inner fighting going on. But you seem successful - only don’t fall ill trying to be successful. Let go of irrelevant things. Focus only what’s really important.
You’ve had two plus years of financial re-organization. Most of you, by now, are financially healthier than you were before. But those of you who aren’t are now getting another shot. Saturn moves back into your money house on the 15th. The financial stresses aren’t punishment - just goads to force you to do the right things. Shift things around a bit. Eliminate waste. Take a long range view of wealth. Avoid the lure of the “quick buck” and make long range - methodical - financial plans. Family responsibilities seem to be stressing you out financially. But don’t evade the responsibility. If you take it on, help will come in various ways. Family connections can be helpful. There will be opportunities to earn money from home. Real estate becomes an interesting investment now. Whatever the financial trials may be, your career is outstanding this month. Your status in your profession is increasing. If you own a business, the stature of the business is increased. Love seems happy this month. There are romantic opportunities in foreign lands or with foreigners in your neighborhood. Love also awaits you in religious or educational settings - at your place of worship or at university functions. The only issues for you -and this has been the case for some years now - is the stability of these opportunities. They come and they go. Health needs more watching from the 21st onwards.
A sexually active kind of month. Last month was also like this. Whatever your age or stage in life, libido is more active than usual. However, the power in the 8TH House has other uses than just sex. It can enhance your spiritual powers. It can bring success in efforts at personal transformation. It is great for detox and weight loss regimes. Saturn moves into your sign on the 15th. Most of you won’t feel it too much - but those of you born late in the sign of Scorpio will feel it strongly (those of you with birthdays from November 19th to 22nd). If you are a late Scorpio try to lighten up a bit. Make it a project to project love and warmth to others. One can be businesslike and still be a warm person. This transit often brings undue pessimism. Everything can look black. This is not really the case - only it can feel that way. Pluto, the Lord of your Horoscope, is not only retrograde all month, but comes under intense planetary pressure from the 21st onwards. Self esteem could be better. A good idea to take a vacation from yourself for a while and focus more on the needs of others. Your good comes through others and not so much from your own efforts. The 28th to the 30th is a happy period - it brings financial increase and romantic opportunity.
You’re still very much in a yearly love and social peak this month. Love will get even better when Saturn moves out of your sign on the 15th . But no need to rush into any kind of serious relationship just yet. Your Love Planet is in retrograde until the 11th . There will be a lot more social clarity after the 11th. You haven’t been as optimistic as usual these past few months. But now the optimism returns. You’re an uplifting kind of person to be around. Venus’s conjunction with Jupiter (the 28th to the 30th ) brings job opportunities for job seekers. Singles will have happy romantic opportunities. There are interesting social events to attend. If there has been a health problem there is good news about it. There are opportunities for extra work - work that pays - from the 5th to the 7th too. Your 8th House will become powerful from the  21st onwards. This is a good time to “get rid” of what you don’t need or use. Reduce the clutter in your life. This applies to the home, possessions, and mental-emotional patterns. We “cut” in order to expand. We make room so that the new and better can come into our lives. Health will improve dramatically from the 21st onwards. In the meantime give more attention to the heart from the 5th onwards. Love disappointments can definitely impact on the health that period. Restore the harmony as quickly as you can.
In the philosophy of Astrology, self interest is not a vice and the focus on others is not necessarily saintly. Your interest is no less important than others. Too much meddling in the affairs of others can be destructive. Whether you lean one way or another is merely a matter of planetary movements. Sometimes they pull us one way sometimes another. This month, you are other oriented. Your 7th House of love becomes very powerful from the 21st onwards. Saturn, your ruler, is in retrograde.  Self confidence and self esteem are not particularly strong. It doesn’t need to be, either. It is a time for letting others have their way - so long as it isn’t destructive. Your way is probably not the best way these days. (This will change in a few months). So focus on others and their needs. Take a vacation from yourself. This is a time to cultivate the social graces. This will bring good to you. You seem socially successful. But we also see career success too. Venus, your career planet, makes nice aspects to you from the 5th to the 7th . Later on in the month Venus will travel with Jupiter (from the 28th to the 30th ). These will bring happy career opportunities and elevation in your business and public standing. The month ahead is prosperous too - especially until the 21st . There is prosperity afterwards, but with more work involved.
You are in a “party” kind of period until the 21st . It's about having fun and exploring the joy of life. Happiness is not only a healing force but often brings prosperity too. Even Saturn’s adverse aspect to you after the 15th will not dampen your high spirits. By the 21st you seem “partied out” and are ready for  serious work. This is a very good time for job seekers - there are many opportunities. Children and children figures are prospering. Those of you who need to hire others will have many applicants. The love and social life have been good all year and it gets even better this month. On the 5th Venus, the planet of love, enters your 7th House and starts traveling with Jupiter. If you are still single or unattached (are any Aquarians still unattached) there are romantic meetings and opportunities. Family connections play a role in romance. It is always good to be involved in groups and group activities - this is Aquarius’ natural domain - but these activities also bring love opportunities. Religious and educational settings and online activities also foster romance. Health is good all month and you have a great focus here after the 21st. A move could happen this month - or the opportunity to move. Some of you are getting high tech equipment for the home.
Continue to pay special attention to your health until the 21st . Home and family issues are stressful this month and perhaps tire you out. A psychic drain of energy is often more debilitating than a physical drain. A 10 minute conversation on the phone with the wrong kind of person can leave a person feeling as if he or she had been on the chain gang. Do your best to keep your moods positive and constructive. Good emotional health is important this month. Many old memories - and perhaps traumas - from the past will come up this month. This is nature’s therapeutics. Nature’s way of helping you resolve those things. Don’t be alarmed. Good to cooperate with the process rather than fight it. Health and energy improve dramatically after the 21st . Saturn moves away from his stressful aspect on the 15st. The  short term planets (especially Mars and the Sun) move into harmonious alignment (the 21st and 24th). A time to have some fun. Job seekers have had good fortune this year. The aspects get even better this month - from the 5th onwards. Even if you already have a job, new opportunities are coming to you. Money is earned in happy ways from the 24th onwards. Happiness can produce money that period. Love is close to home this month. Many of you are entertaining more from home and socializing more with the family. But family is playing cupid this month.
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