The Lunar Eclipse of the 4 is strong on you so take a nice easy schedule that period. It can bring th dramas in the home and in the lives of family members. Have more patience with family members this period - they seem high strung. Friendships are also affected. There are life changing kinds of events in their lives. Once the dust settles from the eclipse, the month ahead is happy and prosperous. With your money house chock full of planets you have strong earning power. On the 20 you enter one of your yearly financial peaks. There is luck in speculations from the 1 to the 3 . Health is basically good. Scalp and face massage is beneficial until the 14 . After that neck massage is powerful. Its always a good idea  to use our wealth wisely - to spend fairly, to allocate fairly. But after the 14 its an actual health issue.  Misuse of the financial power can impact on the physical health. Love seems basically happy, though the eclipse of the 4 does shake up a current relationship. For singles there is romantic opportunity as you th pursue your financial goals - or with people involved in your finances. Wealth is a romantic turn on. After the 11 love finds you in educational type settings - at school functions, at the book store, library or lecture. A good gift of gab will turn on the Aries this period.
The eclipse of the 4 brings career and love changes. There are shakeups in your company, th industry or with bosses. The rules of the game are changing - and in a dramatic kind of way. This will take place in coming months, but the eclipse is the cause of it. Love has been tested for some years now, so by now, you’re getting used to it. You’ll handle it just fine. A good relationship will survive this. Until the 20 you’re in a very spiritual period. A period for inner growth and revelation. Pay attention to the dream life. The eclipse is testing love but its more about the partner than you. You look good. Venus is in your sign until the 11 . Your 1 is powerful all month. You have charisma and energy. There will be many romantic opportunities. A parent or parent figure is more devoted to you from the 20 onwards and is perhaps coming to stay. Your Financial Planet crosses your Ascendant on the 14 bringing windfalls and financial opportunity. Money chases you rather than the other way around. A good month - after the 20 th especially - to pamper yourself. Buy clothing and accessories. Eat in the good places. Get massages. Good to get the body and image in the shape that you want.
. If you’re traveling try not to be on road on the 4 . Schedule around this date. Employees or co workers are more temperamental that period and dramatic changes are happening at the work place. The eclipse can bring a health scare, but most likely it will be no more than that. Still you will need to make changes to your health regime. Love is challenging this year, but especially after the 20 . You just have to work harder to make your relationship work. Venus in your sign brings young women for men. In a woman’s chart it beautifies her. The problem is not with you or your looks - it’s the relationship in general. It is good every now and then to update the financial thinking and strategy. The eclipse of the 4 th forces you into it. Events will show you where you’ve been unrealistic. The good news is that you’re in a strong spiritual period from the 20 onwards. Problems should be “given over” to spirit. Spirit will solve th them or show you how to solve them. Good to be involved in charities or causes that you believe in this month. Good to attend spiritual lectures or seminars. Good for the study of sacred literature. Health is reasonable and will improve next month.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 4 is particularly strong on you. So, take a more relaxed schedule that th period, avoid stressful or daredevil type activities. This is not a period to try to make the Guiness book of world records. Spend more quiet time at home. Read a book or watch a movie. Best of all meditate. Besides your Sun, the eclipse is impacting on two other planets - Uranus and Pluto. These planets are volatile enough in their own right and the eclipse is going to make them even more so. Encounters with death or dreams of death would be normal that period. These are not punishments only kindly reminders from above to get more serious about life. Both you and the current spouse, love or partner are making important financial changes - probably because of some disruption - some unexpected development. Children and children figures should also stay out of harm’s way. Family dramas or home repairs are also likely. You will handle everything and it will all work out in the end, but no need to make matters worse than they need to be. You’re in a very strong - and hectic - career period now. You have to balance that with the needs of the home and family. Make sure you get enough rest this month.
A happy and prosperous month ahead - even the Lunar Eclipse of the 4 can’t make much of a  dent - though it would be wise to drive more defensively that period. You seem ebullient (especially from the 1 to the 3 ) and optimistic. The love life is exciting and happy - though the eclipse will produce a few dramas. But drama is something you like - especially in love. If you are single the eclipse can produce a sudden - unexpected - romantic encounter. Love awaits you in foreign lands or perhaps with foreigners, at religious or educational events. If you are a student, school is the venue for romance. Your 9 House  dominates your chart until the 20 . So foreign lands call to you - travel or travel opportunity is in the air.  Your 10 House of career is very strong this month too - it gets even stronger from the 20 onwards. You’re succeeding in the world and in your career. You’re working very hard - and perhaps involved in business related travel - but success is most definitely happening. Pay raises (official or unofficial) and promotions are likely. Go for the gold. Health will need more watching from the 20 onwards. On an overall level the health is good, but in the short term try to get more rest. You’re tendency is to push the body too hard - to push it beyond its natural limits. Health and energy come back strong next month.
Every Lunar Eclipse tends to test your friendships and this one, on the 4 , is no different. Often friends are having life changing kinds of crisis and this is what tests the friendship. High tech equipment can be erratic this eclipse period, some of it will need replacement or upgrading. The job situation (always important to Virgo) is unstable right now. Changes are afoot. There are dramas in the work place and with co-workers. There is a need to make dramatic changes to your health regime too. The spouse, partner or current love is prospering this month. He or she will be more generous with you. Health and energy improve after the 20 , but this is a temporary respite. You need to give more attention to health this year. With Jupiter still in your 12 House you need to pay more attention to your dreams - especially the vivid ones - the ones in “technicolor”. Important information is being given to you. Financial changes are afoot, but they will work out over the long haul. Your Financial Planet crosses the Midheaven on the 11 and will be in your 10 House for the rest of the month. This shows the financial favor of parents,  parent figures and bosses. They seem supportive of your financial goals. It often shows an overt or covert pay raise. Your good professional reputation plays and important role this period.
A hectic and frenetic kind of month. The eclipse of the 4 only adds more to it. Though overall your th health is good, this month it needs more watching. Make sure to get enough rest and focus your actions on the things that are really important to you. This eclipse occurs in your own sign and impacts on two powerful and volatile planets. In coming months a re-definition of yourself will happen. You have a need to change the way you think of yourself and the way others see you. Basically a healthy thing. Career changes - dramatic ones - are happening too - every Lunar Eclipse brings this. Thus the rules of the game are changing and you will need to adapt your career strategy to these changes. There are dramas in the lives of bosses, parents and parent figures and children. Important financial changes happening too - generally this comes as a result of some disruption or unexpected expense. The financial thinking has been unrealistic and the eclipse will show you why. It needs revision. The love life is very prominent this month - active and exciting. For singles there are many romantic options and meetings. For marrieds there is more party going - more mingling with others.
You have been redefining yourself - upgrading your image and look - for some years now. Its been a constant kind of thing. The Lunar Eclipse of the 4 will bring more of the same. By now you are used to it. Physical detox of the body could happen, but this shouldn’t be confused with disease. Impurities need to come out. There have been many changes in the home and family life over the past few years and the eclipse brings more drama there. The good news is that by now you know how to handle it. You’ve had plenty of practice. Not advisable to make long trips during the eclipse period. If you must travel, schedule around it. College bound or college level students make important changes to their educational plans. Ever since Saturn moved into your money house (Christmas of 2014) finances have been a concern - you seem worried about it. But the month ahead is prosperous - especially until the 20 . You have all the resources you need, only you’ve got to re-arrange things a little. The 1 to the 3 brings  prosperity (a nice payday) and career success. The love life seems active and happy all month. Singles have special romantic opportunities until the 11 , but love is good afterwards too. Overall health is good but in the short term, from the 20 onwards you should rest and relax more. A healthy love life, will increase your physical health this month. Discords there need to be resolved as quickly as possible.
Saturn in your own sign since Christmas of 2014 makes you serious and mature, but this is basically a happy month. Lighten up a little. Prosperity is happening. There is luck in speculations from the 1 to the 3 . Its OK to feel a lack of financial direction right now - normal in fact. But wonderful things are happening behind the scenes. Don’t be in a rush to make important investments or purchases. Take your sweet time and do your due diligence. A good month for travel, though you should avoid the eclipse period of the 4 . The Lunar Eclipse is relatively mild on you, though it impacts on the world at large. Cars and communication equipment can be temperamental. A good idea to drive more defensively. Children or children figures in your life can be changing schools. There are disruptions in your neighborhood. There are dramas in the lives of gurus or guru figures. There is much ferment and change in a charitable or spiritual organization you’re involved with. You might be dealing more with death issues, taxes and estates. This is an excellent month for job seekers - many, many job opportunities out there for you. Venus moves into your 7 House of love on the 11 bringing romantic opportunity for singles - but you’ve  got to lighten up and not be so business like.
A frenetic kind of month and the Lunar Eclipse of the 4 makes it even more so. Health needs more watching until the 20 - it’s a short term issue caused by the transits - not a long term trend. Enhance the health with scalp and face massage until the 14 and with neck massage afterwards. Most importantly, make sure to get enough rest. The Lunar Eclipse brings social, love, career and financial dramas. A lot of action and change. Be more patient with the beloved and with parent figures in your life. They are likely (and understandably so) to be more temperamental. Your career strategy needs revision and the eclipse will reveal why. Most likely you didn’t anticipate the changes happening. The financial strategy also needs revision. From your chart it seems you were too pessimistic. Your prosperity is greater than you allowed yourself to imagine. Health and energy rebound dramatically after the 20 . You th enter in a yearly personal pleasure peak. Its party time. Time to enjoy your life. Joy will solve many problems. When you come back after a good time, you discover that you have the answers that you need. The mind just needed a break from all the “seriousness” of life.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 4 is bringing important career changes. But don’t leap into action  just yet. Your career planet goes retrograde on the 17 (and will be retrograde for many more months). Most of the planets are below the horizon. You’re not in a strong career period right now. Let the dust settle from the eclipse. View the lay of the land. When the time comes you’ll know what to do. The eclipse impacts on Uranus, the Lord of your Horoscope. Thus you’re re-defining yourself for the next few months. You have a need to present a new image and “look” to the world. This is a healthy thing. There is also a need to change your health regime and perhaps your diet. This too will happen gradually in coming months. Finances could be better until the 20 . You just need to work harder for your goals. Your  excellent intuition needs more verification. There will be big financial improvement after the 20 . This is basically a month for getting the home and family situation in right order - and especially your emotional life. Those of you in therapy will make very good progress (and probably have some important breakthroughs) from the 20 onwards. Love is close to home this month.
Avoid foreign travel this month - especially around the eclipse period of the 4 . If you must travel, after the 20 is a better time - though still not perfect. The Lunar Eclipse is going to shake up your  finances - create change and disruption - but your overall prosperity is intact. In spite of the eclipse there is prosperity this month. You’re in a period of peak earnings now. You’re a bit of a risk taker this period - especially until the 20 . But speculations are not advisable around the eclipse period. Mercury in your money house until the 14 shows the importance of family and social connections. They are supportive.  The spouse, partner or current love seems active and helpful in finance. Earnings come best, the old fashioned way - through work and practical service. Good sales, marketing, advertising and PR also seem important. People need to know about your product or service. Teachers, salespeople and writers are having a good month. Job seekers still have excellent aspects - especially until the 20 . In love,  wealth seems the major turn on until the 14 . Material gifts turn you on. This is how you show love, this is  how you feel loved. A joint venture or partnership can happen now. The opportunity is there. A lot of happy things are going on in your career, but no need to push things too fast. Now you need to find your point of emotional harmony. When that happens the career will take care of itself.
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