Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter…it is the bridge between the two most extreme seasons, brining together in fluid motion the transition from hot to cold, light to dark, soft to hard. It is a time to reflect, on the power and bright beauty of summer, and become more still in the quite whiteness of winter. It is in this season that we can allow ourselves to focus on the internal light with in us, and explore the deep depth of our own infinite power.





Love is much improved over last month. You and the current love are more into romance and less

into perfectionism. There is much better natural harmony between you. You are in (and it began on

September 23) one of your most active social periods of your year. Singles have many options and

opportunities. Love opportunities come in the usual ways - at parties and gatherings. Singles might not

marry this month but they will meet people they consider “marriage material”. The social life governs the

finances as well - especially until the 23 . Your social connections are always important rd financially but

this month even more so. A lot of your socializing is business oriented. You always like to do business

with those you socialize with and you like to socialize with the people you do business with - this month

even more so. This is the kind of month where a business partnership, joint venture or merger could

happen. The current love or partner prospers this month - especially from the 23rd onwards. He or she is

more generous. Overall your health is good, but until the 23rd make sure to get enough rest. Enhance the

health by giving more attention to the kidneys and hips. This is a sexually active kind of month, but try to

keep things in moderation.





Taurus loves to work. But if you are one of those rare unemployed Taureans this is a wonderful

month for finding a job. Last month, after the 23rd was good, and this month is also good - until the 23rd.

Its also excellent if you’re looking to hire others. Very good prospects become available. The love life -

and especially a current relationship - has been under duress for over a year, as we have mentioned

earlier. This month seems a “make or break” kind of month. The relationship either makes it or dissolves.

Two eclipses this month impact very directly on the love life. The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th impacts on your

Love Planet, Pluto. The Solar Eclipse of the 23rd occurs right on the cusp of your 7th House. As if you

didn’t have enough to deal with already! For singles these eclipses show a dramatic change in love

attitudes and practices. And, often this can lead to marriage. You are more popular this month and the

social life is active. Singles will be dating more than they have been. The eclipses can be the catalyst to

improve the love life. The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th also impacts on your career bringing changes there.

There can be shakeups in your industry, your corporate hierarchy or in the way you approach your

career. Parents and parent figures are affected by this eclipse and should stay out of harm’s way that






We had two eclipses in April and we have two eclipses this month. If you got through April, this

month will be a snap. But no eclipse should be taken lightly. The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th affects students

at the college level. It shows changes in educational plans, changes of schools, majors and perhaps

administrative changes. Not a good period for foreign travel. If you must, try not to be en route on the 8th.

There will be dramas in your place of worship and in the lives of fellow worshipers. Financial changes are

happening as well. This generally happens through some disturbance - some unexpected expense or

financial revelation. But the end result will be good. Job changes are also happening - both the Lunar

Eclipse of the 8th and the Solar Eclipse of the 23rd are showing this. If you employ others there is

employee turnover. There are important changes in the health regime too. Sometimes this kind of eclipse

produces a health scare, but your health looks good, so most likely it will only be a scare. Your friends

are going outside their normal sphere these days. You find friends outside your normal circle too. Drive

more defensively around the 25th. Siblings should take an easier schedule then too. Love will be OK if you

can avoid power struggles.





Health still needs watching - especially around the Lunar Eclipse of the 8th. Take a nice, easy

relaxed schedule. Spend more quiet time at home. Read a book or watch a movie. Meditation is best.

Every Lunar Eclipse is strong on you, but especially this one. If you haven’t been careful in dietary

matters it can bring a detox of the body. The Solar Eclipse of the 23rd is much easier on you but it won’t

hurt to take a reduced schedule anyway. The Solar Eclipse - as all of them do - force you to make

financial changes - usually through some kind of drama. It won’t affect your overall prosperity which is

wonderful this year. Children and children figures in your life don’t need to be involved in daredevil stunts

this month - but especially around the eclipse periods. Until the 23rd money is earned at home and

through family and family connections - like last month. If you’re involved in real estate the month seems

profitable. After the 23 , be careful over spending. Money is earned in happy ways - perhaps rd as you’re at

a party or the theater - while you’re having fun. In the general after the 23rd you’re in a fun period. There is

great focus on the children (or whoever plays that role in your life). You get on better with children that

period. You’re a little bit of the child yourself these days.





We have two eclipses this month, but the one that seems strongest is the Solar Eclipse of the 23rd.

The good news is that most of you won’t feel it that intensely. Those of you born early in the sign of Leo

(from July 22 to July 24) will feel it most. A reduced, relaxed schedule is called for. Since the Sun is your

ruling planet, every Solar Eclipse affects you, but it could have been worse. The eclipse happens in your

4th House bringing family dramas and crisis. Parent figures should take a more relaxed schedule. If there

are flaws in your home, you find out about it now so that you can make corrections. The eclipse forces

you to re-evaluate your self image and self concept - also your personal appearance. This will go on for

another 6 months. The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th also affects family. Family members are more

temperamental then. This eclipse impacts on Uranus - the Love Planet - and will test a current

relationship. Be more patient with the beloved that period. Sometimes it brings dramatic experiences to

the beloved - life changing kinds of experiences - it is this that could also test your relationship. Health is

basically good. But after the 23rd you need to rest more. Your normal energy is not up to its usual

standard. This can make a person vulnerable. Emotional health is very important these days. Avoid

depression like the plague. Keep the moods positive and constructive. It will be a challenge, but it can be






Earnings were strong last month and the trend continues in the month ahead. You’re in a period of

peak earnings these days. Mercury in the romantic sign of Libra from the 11th onwards makes you in the

mood for romance. But romance is complicated. Your Love Planet is still retrograde. And your personal

planet is retrograde from the 4th to the 25th. Neither you nor the beloved are sure of what you want. You

both feel that you’re moving backwards instead of forwards. But sometimes - as the heavens teach us -

people need to go backwards before they can go forward. This is a month to gain clarity - in love and with

your personal goals. Review things and see where improvements can be made. Two eclipses create

tumult in the world around you, but you seem unscathed. The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th affects children,

children figures and siblings. They don’t need to be doing risky things then. Perhaps there is upheaval in

your neighborhood. Cars and communication equipment can be temperamental. The Solar Eclipse of the

23rd also tests cars and communication equipment. Drive more defensively those periods. The Solar

Eclipse is likely to bring spiritual revelation that will cause changes in your spiritual practice and attitudes.

These will be good.





Most of the planets in the Eastern part of your Horoscope (and many in your own sign) shows that

the cosmic power is flowing towards you. Your personal goals and ambitions are being supported. So,

like last month, it is good to make the personal changes that will make you happy. Your happiness is in

your own hands these days. You look good and your normally good sense of style is even stronger than

usual. Health is basically good - and you’ll need your energy to deal with the two eclipses this month. The

Lunar Eclipse of the 8th is strong on you so take a nice easy schedule that period. This shows career

changes - upheavals in your company or industry - dramas in the hierarchy of your company and with

people involved in your career. Parents and parent figures are impacted as well and they too should take

an easier schedule. Children or children figures in your life should be kept out of harm’s way as well. The

Solar Eclipse of the 23rd announces financial changes. (The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th also impacts on

finances.) A short term disturbance forces important changes. Often people change their strategy and

planning. Sometimes they change banks, brokers or financial planners. In spite of the drama, you

prosper from the 23rd onwards.





The planetary power flows towards you - in your direction. Thus your personal interests are

getting cosmic support. You’re in a period of maximum personal power. It might seem that you’re selfish,

but really you’re just taking responsibility for your own happiness. You should - and do - have things your

own way this month - especially after the 23rd. There is a Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 23rd but only

those of you born early in the sign - from the 23 to the 25 - will be seriously affected. rd th For most of you it

is minor. This shows career changes and upheavals in your company or industry. These changes are

good for you and open the doors for further success. It won’t hurt to take a more relaxed schedule that

period - especially if you are an “early Scorpio”. The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th seems stronger on you. All of

you - including family members should take it easy that period. Avoid foreign travel. If you must travel,

schedule around the Lunar Eclipse. Love is in spiritual settings until the 23rd. After that not much you need

to do - love pursues you. Prosperity is still strong but after the 23rd you might have to work harder for

earnings. You have strong tendencies to impulse spending and impulse investing. Sleep on things before

making important decisions.





The wanderlust is upon you but with two eclipses this month it might be better to stay close

to home. If you must travel schedule around the eclipses - the 8th and the 23rd. Try not to be on the road

those periods. These eclipses are less powerful than the ones we had in April, but still it is good to be

cautious. The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th will test cars and communication equipment. If there are flaws

there, you find out about them so you can make corrections. The same is true for the home. It also brings

upheavals in spiritual organizations and with guru figures in your life. Sometimes there are near death

kinds of experiences - close calls - brushes with the Dark Angel. He lets you know he’s around. Life on

earth is fragile and we should be about our serious business. The Solar Eclipse of the 23rd also brings

spiritual type changes. There are changes in your practice, attitudes and perhaps even teachings.

Students can experience some disturbance at school - either in the rules or changes in their educational

plans. Happily your health and energy are intact, so you have plenty of energy to handle all the

excitement. Finances become excellent from the 23rd onwards.





Two eclipses this month roil up the world at large and one of them is very strong on you. The

good news is that these eclipses are not as strong as the ones we had in April. If you got through those,

you’ll handle these. In general this is not your best health period - especially until the 23rd. You need to be

getting more rest anyway that period - but make sure to take a more relaxed schedule around the 8th - the

period of the Lunar Eclipse. This is not a good time to be traveling. If you must, try to schedule flights

before or after the 8th (also before or after the 23rd.) Of the two eclipses, the Lunar Eclipse of the 8th is the

stronger one. It brings financial dramas - crisis - that forces important financial changes. These changes

will ultimately be good (you’re prospering this year) but not comfortable while they’re happening. It tests

your religious beliefs and personal philosophy of life. It brings a “crisis of faith”. This too is good, in that

these beliefs sometimes need to be upgraded, revised and sometimes discarded altogether. Students

can have dramas at school and are forced to change educational plans. These too will be good. Your

love life has been wonderful this past year, but now it gets tested. This is also a good thing. Good

relationships will survive the testing. Be more patient with the beloved that period.





A turbulent and hectic kind of month, but you’re successful in spite of it - perhaps even

because of it. A Lunar Eclipse on the 8th is announcing job and career changes - and these will be good.

You either get a better, higher status job, within your own company or with another one. There are

upheavals in your company and industry. The rules of the game are changed and you probably have to

shift your thinking and strategy. But you’re succeeding. Great career progress is made from the 23rd

onwards. Parents, parent figures, bosses - authority figures in your life - are having life changing personal

dramas (some of these things can manifest over the next 6 months, not necessarily this particular month.)

Take a nice, easy, relaxed schedule around the 8th and the 23rd. No need for risk taking, stressful kinds of

activities - especially if they’re elective. Schedule them for another time. The Lunar Eclipse also signals

important changes in your health regime. Sometimes people change doctors or the diet or the mode of

therapy. The love life has been wonderful since July and now the Solar Eclipse of the 23rd will test it.

Relationships need testing every now and then. This is how weaknesses can be detected and

improvements made. A good relationship will survive and get better. But weak ones can dissolve. In

general you should rest and relax more from the 23rd onwards. Don’t burn the candle at both ends.





The main headline are the two eclipses this month. These create a lot of chaos in the world at

large, but you’re relatively unscathed. The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th brings financial drama and a need to

make some important changes. You’ve experiencing financial change for some years now and you know

how to handle things. This eclipse affects children and children figures in your life and they should be

encouraged to take a more relaxed schedule that period. It also shows changes - upheavals - in

charitable or spiritual organizations you’re involved with - and in the lives of guru figures. Often there are

changes in the spiritual practice. The Solar Eclipse of the 23 announces job changes rd - and these are

definitely good. You have wonderful job aspects these days. The change can be within your company or

with another one. Both the Lunar Eclipse of the 8th and the Solar Eclipse of the 23rd affect travel. Try to

avoid it those periods. There will be some turmoil at your place of worship or university. College students

(and those who are college bound) make important changes to their educational plans. Finances are

good this month. Pay raises can happen. Bosses, parents and parent figures are supportive of your

financial goals and seem helpful. This is an excellent month to review your religious and philosophical

beliefs - the eclipses are testing them. The beliefs you hold determine the whole quality of your life. So it

is good to upgrade and refine these things.



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