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When we are in tune with what we need, the true magic of life starts to unfold. When we are balanced and able to recognize and accept when we are feeling sad, happy, angry, embarrassed, and joyful, we can live in harmony not only with ourselves, but with the world around us. 
You know what you need, just take a moment to listen to your soul.
Happy Monday Spiritual Gangsters!

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  • Georgia Argiris : September 29, 2014

    Thank-you for sharing your bright light and pure love with all of us! Every new post you make I screen shoot and send it to all my clients with a link to it and to your website! We discuss the blog and Monday Mantra at each of our sessions. Thank-you for inspiring my clients, myself, and for lighting our world with your eternal sunshine. It is truly comforting! I check your site daily, always smiling big in gratitude and humbled by the beauty of sharing. Om Shanti. Om Peace. Om Grace. Namaste.

  • Diane Hernandez: September 29, 2014

    Thanks for the Monday Mantra. Namaste

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