There is something truly beautiful about the grey moments in between moments.....the few misty seconds before the sun rises in the morning; the drops of sweat that freckle your yoga mat after a hard class; the calm gaze of twilight over the ocean. We're feeling inspired by these sweet moments and this even sweeter color today at the Spiritual Gangster offices.
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  • Marisol: January 16, 2015

    I’m backing you 100%! I’m so proud of you and you folowling your hearts desire, and going after your passion. You have definitely inspired me . I have love for you like I’ve known for YEARS, I guess some people just click like that. Stay focused girly and I’ll be here to witness your great work unfold.

  • Juancho: January 14, 2015

    It’s funny.. I honestly foorgt this until now while reading this here.. But i can remember reading a thank u card from you a few years back for being a good friend, and after reading it, i said to myself that this girl has talent in writing, i was told the same thing young I didn’t know that writing was a passion to you But when that book is finished and published, give me a heads up, & i’ll be the first to purchase 2 or 3 copies I support you 100% Good job on TheEmancipatedMe ..

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