This pose was named after a traditional yogi sage, who wanted to demonstrate the balance of life in a physical yoga pose. Visvamitrasana is a pose of many moving parts, where energy flows to every limb, while remaining fluid through out the center core. The key to this level three pose is to remain centered, and to not get too caught up with all the individual limbs that are being used; instead, view your body as an ocean, where the ebb and flow moves throughout the body in an effortless wave.
This pose is wonderful for building arm balance, stretching the hamstring, and opening the shoulders and hips. You’ll also notice a great stretch through out the lower torso and back, squeezing out any tension that may have built up.
Visvamitrasana is a highly beneficial pose for building awareness of the entire body, as well as a superb ab work out!  Be sure to go into this pose slowly, and avoid if you have major wrist or hamstring injuries.
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