April comes from the ancient word aperire, meaning "to open,". Think of all the new buds in your gardens that are bursting forth and opening up to the new spring warmth. When we are open to what the universe is offering us, we are able to be more in touch with our inner selves, and our fellow world. May April be a month of coming out of our winter spells and opening up to the world with beautiful and fresh new eyes and hearts. 



You are still in one of the most enjoyable periods of your year. Enjoy. Like last month it is still good

to get the body and image in right shape. You seem involved in big enterprises. They are complicated,

but you have the energy to handle them. This is the kind of month where there is never a dull moment.

Life is fast paced and hectic, just as you like it. Your Financial Planet moves into your 12th House on the

6th. Thus the financial intuition is super. Wealth is really spiritual. An interior activity, as you will learn. The

intuition is especially sharp from 10th to the 13th. Singles meet up with someone glamorous from the 10th

to the 13th. Love is found in spiritual settings and with spiritual type people. There is a Lunar Eclipse on

Mars on the 15th, take it easy that period. Avoid risk taking. A re-definition of the personality and image is

happening over the next 6 months. You’ll change your look and the way that you want to be seen by

others. On the 20th the Sun enters your money house and stays there for the rest of the month. You are in

one of the most prosperous periods of your year - a period of peak earnings. This is the time to focus on

your finances and get them in order. A Solar Eclipse on the 29th happens in your money house, so

important financial changes are happening - and they will be good over the long haul.



There’s a spiritual agenda behind all the challenges you face this month. Misconceptions about

love and career are being shattered and a more true understanding will dawn. Taurus dislikes change,

but this month there will be plenty. Don’t resist but flow with it. All will work out. Love has been tested for

over a year and this month the testing is even more severe. Many a Taurus has divorced in the past year.

But good relationships have survived. With two eclipses this month there is turmoil and change

happening in the world at large, not just in your own life. Blockages and resistance to your good get

blasted away leaving you free to fulfill your true destiny. The end result is always good, but while the

changes are happening it is stressful. The Lunar Eclipse of the 15th will bring spiritual changes - changes

in practice, attitudes and even teachings. Happily the health seems good and will get even better after the

20th. Though the career is turbulent, you seem successful. Financial changes are also happening from the

7th onwards, and these seems good. On the 23rd your Financial Planet moves into your sign and there is

prosperity. Money and financial opportunity will seek you out.




On a worldly level things are very turbulent this month. We have a powerful Grand Square in the

heavens and two eclipses. But you go through all this relatively untouched. You should however avoid

risk taking activities - especially if they’re elective - from the 13th to the 15th.It. It won’t hurt to take a more

reduced schedule around the 29th either. You’re in a very prosperous period in your life and you need to

adjust your financial plans and strategies to this. A Lunar Eclipse on the 15th will force the changes. If

youre car or communication equipment is not up to par you will find out around the 29th as the Solar

Eclipse will test these things. The Lunar Eclipse of the 15th will test your high tech equipment - computers,

software, cell phones and networks. Websites are more vulnerable that period. Love will improve after the

20th . Wealth is still the major romantic turn on. Business partnerships and joint ventures are still

happening or developing. A lot of your socializing is business related. You have the aspects of someone

who likes to do business with friends and who likes to socialize with people you do business with.

Business and social are intertwined these days. Health is good and you can enhance it further through

back massage and detox regimes.




Big career changes are happening this month - and you’ll feel the effects for the next 6 or so

months. These changes seem positive as this is a successful month for you. There is good career

progress now and this should be your focus. Job opportunities are plentiful now and this has been the

case for many months. You can be choosy. You give the impression of someone with a good work ethic

and this appeals to prospective employers. Because the Moon rules your Horoscope, every Lunar

Eclipse is particularly strong on you. So take it nice and easy around the 15th. Spend more quiet time at

home and avoid dare devil type stunts. Career is the main focus now but family crisis can distract you

around the 15th. It will be a challenge to handle both. Parents and parent figures seem very affected. They

can be experiencing life changing kinds of events. The Solar Eclipse of the 29th brings financial change -

dramatic change. This will work out well, but can be uncomfortable while its happening. Do your best to

maintain high energy levels until the 20 . Enhance the health through more rest, a th good diet and thigh

massage. The good news is that you are very health oriented these days and you’re paying attention.




Foreign lands are calling to you now, but it might be better to re-schedule for a another time. If you

must travel avoid the 15th. Schedule around it. Students are making important changes in educational

plans. Romance is still a soap opera. A very happy meeting takes place on the 1st and 2nd. But will it last?

You’re in a very spiritual year. Inwardly you’re growing by leaps and bounds. It is this very growth - the

spiritual breakthroughs that are happening - that’s causing the change in spiritual practice and attitudes.

The Lunar Eclipse of the 15th is only announcing what’s been happening for a while. There can be

shakeups in a spiritual organization you’re involved with and in the lives of guru figures in your life.

Finances are tricky from the 7th to the 23rd. Be careful of impulse spending or impulse investing. Sleep on

things before you make a decision. From the 20th onwards you enter a period of career success. You

seem in charge - in your rightful place. Career success will bring increased earnings. Elders, bosses and

parents (or parent figures) are supportive of financial goals. Also, your money planet is very elevated that

period. This shows focus. You look up to wealthy people. You aspire to be like them. Finance is high on

your priorities. Perhaps the most important thing is that the financial judgement becomes sound -

conservative. Make sure to get enough rest after the 20th.




Take a relaxed schedule around the 15th. No need to tempt fate. You could be confronting death

that period. Not a personal death, but perhaps with people you know. Sometimes this brings “close calls”

- near death kinds of experiences. Sometimes people have dreams of death. The agenda is to come into

a better understanding of it. The love life is still happy. Venus moves into your house of love on the 6th

showing a romantic kind of mood. There is a happy romantic meeting from the 10th to the 13th. The

financial intuition is very sharp that period. Personal creativity is also strong. This is a sexually active kind

of month. Even older Virgos have more libido than usual. The spouse, partner or current love (the person

who plays the role of the spouse in your life) is prospering this month and is more generous. Your social

grace, your ability to get on with others, is important financially. He or she is making important financial

changes these days and so are you (this will be in effect for the next 6 months). There are dramas in the

lives of friends and in spiritual organizations you belong to. After the 20th the wanderlust bites you and

happy travel opportunities come. Schedule around the 29th (a Solar Eclipse). Health is good and gets

even better after the 20th.





A very hectic and turbulent month Libra, make sure to get enough rest. Don’t waste energy on

inessential things. Massage your feet regularly. Spend more time in a spa if possible. See a spiritual

healer. Getting through the month with health and sanity intact is victory. Survival is victory. The most

stressful period is until the 20th. After that the planets ease up on you. You’re involved in big and

complicated projects. Everything is delicate. Its as if you have 5 or 6 unruly teenagers at home each

wanting to do different things. Your job is to make them cooperate. You’re balancing a successful career

with a successful love life and trying to find some personal fulfilment. Family also wants your attention.

Wow! A full plate. You’ll handle it. The Lunar Eclipse of the 15th is particularly stressful. Take it nice and

easy that period - a few days before and after. The spouse, partner or current love should also take it

easy around the 15th. He or she is going to redefine the personality and image in coming months. He or

she is still very devoted to you, but is stressed out. Relationship problems now are not about you. The

spouse or partner is stressed and probably having dramatic kinds of experiences. Health and energy

improve after the 20th. Finances are also turbulent until the 20th. You’ll earn but through a lot more work.

Also more financial changes are afoot.




There’s a lot of action and change this month. Much tumult. But you are less affected than

most. You’re entering a peak social period on the 20th. To get the full benefit of this practice projecting

love and warmth to others. Make it a project. You might not realize it but people are feeling a coldness

from you. Someone of high status and prestige is coming into your life either romantically or socially.

This will help the career and perhaps bring important career changes in the next few months. Career is

going to be super successful this year - but a bit later on. Job changes are afoot - this can be within your

company or with another one. The conditions at the work place are changing too. There are important

changes happening in your health regime and diet too. Health is good this month. But after the 20th take a

more relaxed schedule. You’re in a travel year, but next month might be better for that than now. If you

must travel try to schedule around the eclipses - the 15th and the 29th. Try not to be in the air those days.

Finances are unstable early in the month. Things will improve after the 20th. Your Financial Planet goes

retrograde on the 14th . Try to wrap up important purchases or investments before then. You are in a multi

month cycle for financial review.




Health is good and you have the energy to handle all the change going on. Change is

stressful but also exciting. There’s never a dull moment in the month ahead. Your Financial Planet Saturn

is still retrograde, so earnings are happening but slower. There are more delays involved. Try to be

perfect in your financial dealings. Make sure all the details are right. Small mistakes can be costly.

Regardless of the slowness you are in a prosperity cycle, its just cosmic weather. The Lunar Eclipse of

the 15th affect children and children figures in your life. They should take a more relaxed schedule.

Students at the college level are changing schools or educational plans in coming months. Love is

stressful and unstable most of the month. Don’t take what happens in love too seriously. There can be

break ups and make ups. Mood changes. A soap opera. But things should stabilize after the 23rd. Foreign

travel should be avoided on the 29th - even a few days before and after. You’re in a fun period until the

20th . Try to enjoy all the change and tumult. Make lemonade out of the lemons. On the 20th you enter a

work period. Good to do those detail oriented jobs that bore you silly. They need to get done and now

you have a head for it. Foot massage will enhance the health - spiritual healing as well. If there is a health

problem (god forbid) chances are that old memories are being stirred up - the cellular memory needs





Let’s not worry about conquering the world or shooting for the Moon this month. Let’s just get

through it with physical and emotional health. There’s strong planetary power arrayed on you. These are

not powers to be trifled with. You are a strong and determined person and you will need all of it right now.

Aside from the stressful aspects we have two eclipses - one of them - the Lunar Eclipse of the 15th which

is very strong on you. It will take a lot of creativity to handle your very busy life while maintaining high

energy levels. Do what needs to be done and rest when tired. Don’t think that you are achieving more

when you’re tired. You just make mental mistakes and usually have to redo what you’ve done. If possible

spend more time in a health spa. Try to schedule more massages or reflexology treatments. Drop the

inessential from your life. Don’t worry about the future. Handle the need of the hour. It goes without

saying that you don’t need to be taking physical risks or doing daredevil stunts. You probably won’t be

able to avoid stressful activities, but those that are elective should be re-scheduled. The good news is that

health and energy will improve after the 20th. You’re in a good love cycle but the Lunar Eclipse of the 15th

will test it. There can be family dramas as well. Enhance the health through back, arm and shoulder

massage. Until the 7th foot massage is good too. From the 7th to the 23rd face and scalp massage is

powerful. After the 23rd give more attention to the neck.





There’s a lot of change and excitement this month Aquarius - career dramas, dramas with

siblings, friends, parents and parent figures. Communication and high tech equipment seems

temperamental too. Most of this is not your fault. Its just the cosmic weather. The storms will pass by next

month. Happily the health is good and you have the energy to handle all this. After the 20th though make

sure to get enough rest and relaxation. The Lunar Eclipse of the 15th brings changes in the health regime

and diet. Job changes are afoot too - but these will be good. You have outstanding job aspects now.

Drive more carefully that period. You are in a prosperity cycle overall, in spite of the drama you are

prospering. Your spiritual consciousness puts you above all the turmoil going on. Love is in the

neighborhood, close to home until the 20th. Singles have love opportunities with neighbors. Siblings or

sibling figures enjoy playing cupid. After the 20th love opportunities come through family or family

connections. The Solar Eclipse of the 29th will test love. Good relationships will get even better once the

dirty laundry is out. Flawed relationships can dissolve. The beloved should stay out of harm’s way that

period (the 29th - a few days before and after).





Financial shocks notwithstanding the month ahead is prosperous. Your money house is powerful

until the 20 . There are changes that need to be made - changes in planning and th strategy. Perhaps

you’re thinking has been unrealistic. The Lunar Eclipse of the 15th will adjust things. Reality is sometimes

uncomfortable, but it is good. Your economic life has been one long adventure and without risk where is

the adventure? The good news is that you have the support of the spouse, partner or current love.

Friends also seem helpful. You have access to outside money - either through borrowing or investment.

Health is basically good but the Solar Eclipse of the 29th announces changes in your health regime and

diet. Job changes are also likely. Sometimes it is within the same company, sometimes with another. The

conditions of work are changed. Love is exciting this month. Venus is in your sign from the 6th onwards.

This gives glamor and beauty to the image. Until the 7th there’s not much you need to do. Love is right

where you are pursuing you. After the 7th singles find love opportunities as they handle their financial

goals and with people involved in their finances. After the 23rd love opportunities happen in educational

type settings.




All images are from Pinterest & Tumblr.

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