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The Hindu god Shiva, when in his cosmic dancer form, was called Nataraja. Similarly  the yoga pose Natarajasana, or King Dancer pose, comes from the Sanskrit words nata meaning "dancer", raja meaning "king", and asana meaning "posture".  King Dancer pose is a powerful asana, meaning a move that concentrates on sitting or standing still. By building strength in the shoulder, chest, and legs, this pose is ideal for improving balance, and concentrating on the importance of the breath. Dancer pose is wonderful for beginners and expert yogis alike, for it can be tailored to an individuals own unique flexibility and openness. Start your day with a simple Natarajasana, and see your spirit dance through the cosmos. 
Sukha_Love_Yoga rocking our Taj Hamsa Tri-Blend tank in Moonbeam


Pictures are from Pinterest and Tumblr. 

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  • loanemu: October 18, 2015

    The comments expressed in this article are very organized, well-researched and very easy to read. There’s no mistaking the points you are making. I agree.

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