Coachella Soul Cleanse

Coachella is here and that means amazing festival style, spending time with incredible friends, and getting lost in the beat of our favorite songs. It also comes with expectations, stress, sleepless nights, and getting lost in the shuffle. We put together a few of our favorite ways to cleanse your soul, body, and mind for Coachella! 


 Ditch the Expectations

Coachella has become a meca of festival style, incredible parties, and the who's who of the music and fashion worlds. That can be a lot to try and live up to. We sometimes get lost in the idea that if we have the perfect outfit, the perfect shoes, and the perfect group of friends, that we will have the perfect time. That's a lot of pressure to put on yourself! Instead, practice loving yourself exactly where you're at, with exactly the wardrobe and friends you have. Maybe go simply in your favorite Spiritual Gangster tee and jean shorts....see how this idea of self love and acceptance changes your entire experience. 




Get lots of Sleep

When we are well rested, we think better, make more rational and informed decisions, and are just nicer human beings. We know you're so excited to go to Coachella, but make sure you get lots of rest prior to the weekend. Don't be afraid to take a few cat naps by the pool or in the grass during the weekend too! A 10 minute nap can help you feel refreshed, more alert, and ready to dance the night away.




Meditate to Appreciate 

Before you head off to the desert, spend some time meditating and envisioning your ideal weekend. Set up some white candles and salt crystals for purifying thoughts and allowing life to simply flow through you. What we think, we become. So think kind, loving, and high vibrational thoughts.


You Are What You Eat 

What we put into our bodies has a profound effect on the way our minds work. Chances are you won't feel your best after scarfing down pizza and cronuts (but darn are they delicious!). Avoid un-healthy eating by packing healthy snacks like apples, raw nuts, green juices, and all natural protein bars. And of course allow yourself to indulge in a little something decadent after all that dancing!

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